Frequently Asked Questions

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The Wogglebug's Franchise
Why have I decided to devote a franchise of books, movies, and toys to the character of the Wogglebug?
What do I hope to achieve with my movie series and franchise?
How can families and educators benefit from purchasing my DVDs?
What does the word "woggle" mean?
How is Genoma different and better than Oz?
Why is this separate from the Oz fandom?
Concerning Oz
Why do I think Mr. Wogglebug needs to have a separated fandom from the Land of Oz?
Why are the characters of Professor Nowitall and the Frogman also in my non-Oz Wogglebug Series?
​Why do so many Oz fans hate the Wogglebug?
What had caused for the Wogglebug's character to change in the Oz series?
Can I be sure that my having the Wogglebug in a whole new fandom without Oz will not be looked on as literary theft?
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