The Incredible Tale of Mr. Wogglebug

Professor Knowitall creates Mr. Wogglebug and he has his first adventure rescuing the village from a terrible fate.

Mr. Wogglebug, thoroughly educated and highly magnified anew in the Land of Genoma, meets with a seven-year-old girl from America named Sylvie Harnois. Together they rally the beings of the Enchanted Forest to unite their special abilities against the villainous Antibo to save the realm and preserve its natural resources. Mr. Wogglebug gains the worthiness of knowing by heart the Seven Living Values of Intelligence.  

The Wogglebug's Quest for the Wisdom Keys

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Sylvie, Mr. Wogglebug, and the Frogman have an adventure in rescuing Professor Nowitall from the evil sorceror Dormian the Dark, and also a large section of Genoma from the Lord of Sadness while they all grow close to each other and unlock the doors along the way with the four Keys of Wisdom.

The Wogglebug and the Journey for the Magic Wish

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When one Troll Wizard fears he is losing his magic and at the same time a lone pirate enters Genoma, Mr. Wogglebug with the Frogman and Sylvie set on an epic voyage to find a magic lamp that will grant a wish of one who rubs it the right way. They travel on sea, land and through the skies and encounter unknown islands inhabited by Silver Monkeys, lost puppies, fish-people, a lone cyclops, and stranded bird people, all sharing something in common with each other and destiny. 

The Wogglebug's Adventure in New York

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When the inventions of Profesoor Nowitall in Genoma and Dr. Henry McCarlson in New York connect to each other, Mr. Wogglebug is transported to the outside world of America. He befriends the good scientist and his two young daughters and helps them to reinvent their outlook on life along with himself discovering the very meaning of love and compassion.

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