At last the long concealed secrets behind the Wogglebug's tragic life in Oz are revealed. The unknown moments in-between the recorded events in the first four Oz history books he appears in are unveiled, and how he underwent a terrible transformation and why. Then remained in the state of his disgraceful alter-ego for over a century. A little girl named Terry has visionary dreams of him as his true self without knowing about the Oz books beforehand. When she comes of age as a young woman she finds and unlocks a hidden portal to the Land of Oz to thus find out the even deeper secrets behind the Wogglebug she initially meets there, and thus obtain the ingredients of a cure to restore him to his true self. At the same time, a wizard who looks like a treasure troll doll has visited Oz in hopes of finding the source behind his homeland's dilemma of being overrun by bad magic for a century. What is this connection to the secrets behind the Wogglebug's past? Also where was the Wogglebug's old schoolteacher known as Professor Nowitall for all those years? These answers and more will be revealed in most startling ways.


 Mr. Wogglebug's previous timeline in Oz was a miserable failure. But this hadn't been his fault. He just hadn't known why the group he got involved with was on their way to the Emerald City in the first place, let alone that a war was going on there at the time. But what if this one element could have been changed. The question is answered in that it was the one thing that changed everything for the better for him. He becomes the leader of his comrades and plays a more heroic role in this new version of the second half of the book he was originally introduced in by Baum as rewritten in Cynthia Hanson's own unique style. This also was actually in fact the only timeline that Mr. Wogglebug and his comrades had visited the United States of America afterward. Then on their way home to Oz a hurricane blows them away to an uncharted island they find is inhabited by living dinosaurs. Most are highly evolved and speak and do human things. They find out a young dinosaur is about to become a leader due to birth right. But there was a mix-up with his birth and another dinosaur who is more qualified. Mr. Wogglebug is the only one who knows how to reveal the truth.


Mr. Wogglebug is enjoying his life in Oz as the role of Princess Ozma's Royal Adviser and friend. Then things change drastically when Oscar Diggs returns to Oz and becomes a real wizard and ends up stealing away the Wogglebug's position as Ozma's right-hand man. Mr. Wogglebug is lonely and dejected until the Frogman comes in. He discovers he has more in common with the Frogman in personality and life status than any other individual in Oz and thus begins the start of their unique friendship.Then many years later, the Frogman discovers he is in need of finding a cure for the curse put on him from long ago by the Truth Pond when he begins deciphering unwelcome truths about the Wizard, Dorothy, and the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman. Mr. Wogglebug sees how he can use these revelations to his advantage but is aware the Frogman must be set free from the shackles the Truth Pond's affects are having on him. In searching for a remedy the clues to it point to a fourteen-year-old girl in Ohio named Terry who has her own troubles. When she is transported to Oz, she reveals to them the legend of the Fountain of the Pure Waters of Healing, which can cure any ailments of any living creature. The three of them set out together on a quest to reach this in hopes of it curing the Frogman's curse. Along their way they journey through the uncharted Island of the Silver Monkeys, the Mountain of Impossible Dreams. They also enter the valley of darkness where they must face their fears before they can reach the valley of light again and encounter the Troll Wizards of Genoma who help their quest be a success. The first in a trilogy with themes of how dark and light go together with learning of truth and love.