About Wogglebug Love Productions

Mr. H. M. Wogglebug T. E. is character who comes from the original Oz book series by L. Frank Baum and he is public domain. I always felt from reading about him in The Marvelous Land of Oz that he was put in the wrong place and with the wrong people and in the wrong situations and so since I discovered him when I was 12 years old I've had this dream of making a movie series starring him that makes right what Oz did wrong to him and also having it be done in a magical land that wasn't Oz like he wasn't in Oz to begin with. If Baum (or his wife) had only the presence of mind to just make Mr. Wogglebug a star of his own book and fandom that was not directly connected to the Oz fandom then Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. would have been given a better place for him to live happily to exercise his intellectual prowess and also be in more appropriate company.

​I started studying screenwriting and film techniques when I was 20. Then later I found the animation program IClone which has enabled to make my screenplays come to life as animated movies. I also discovered a professional voice actor in Patrick Montello who's talents really bring the character of Mr. Wogglebug to life in the way I had always envisioned him as. So it is my most sincere hope that these movies will bring much happiness to a lot of others, and especially children, also.

Wogglebug Love Productions is a growing franchise I have started. It is about children's education in ways that help them learn life skills and also how to think for themselves and in critical ways and to help them gain healthy self-esteem. His movies and picture books mostly take place in a fantasy environment in a land called Genoma. A seven-year old girl named Sylvie from America enters Genoma via a magic key and from there she and Mr. Wogglebug set on an intertwining journey in which they grow up together. That is, the Wogglebug helps Sylvie in the aforementioned ways that I hope many children can find inspiration and value from, while the Wogglebug gains the status in his own world his heart is set on gaining and in all the right ways. He achieves respect through honesty, courage, perseverance, courtesy, kindness, loyalty, and humility. And learns wisdom comes from intelligence through honesty and good intentions, deep unconditional love, optimism in the sheer joy of being alive, and natural growth. There are also two movies as sort of "bookends" that exhibit his personal growth. Then in the final movie he returns to the real world when the three children he knows in it have all become adults and they bring him into the world intentionally to help them. And having gained a ton of wisdom from his adventures with Sylvie and being able to remember the experience he endured from before in the real world he is able to be a true hero all around now by intention. 

It is known the H.M. at the beginning of the character's name stands for "Highly Magnified" and the T.E. at the end of his name stands for "Thoroughly Educated." Though what does the word "woggle" actually mean? The word "woggle" means wisdom and love in a collective sense and at the same time implies how it can go one way or the other depending on which is emphasized the most, or neglected the most. I convey this profound truth in devoting a whole new franchise of movies, toys, and books based around her vision of the Wogglebug. For the purpose of enabling him to live up to his credentials to the fullest height and best degree. The Wogglebug as a character is all of these: Insect, human, gentleman, clown, teacher, student, leader, wanderer, outsider, hero, and center-of-influence. Respectfully.

Which is where the movie series comes in next. There he has a new life in a land called Genoma as if he was never in Oz at all. It is aimed toward general audiences, and children will find him an inspirational role model through both the picture books and animated movies released directly to DVD. A total of 10 feature-length movies are planned, and 20 short movies. And at least 30 to 40 picture books. The Wogglebug in the movies is in some ways a re-imagining of Baum's version, which is because he lives in a different place and around different supporting characters and encounters very different adventures that enabled him to be a real genuine hero.  

I have a lot of hope and optimism for this franchise in the future. I am always happy to send out more DVDs and to receive more reviews from happy people who watched them. It is my goal to make Mr. Wogglebug a household name and a beloved icon for children's entertainment and education in this day and age. And to also somehow someday have a major movie studio produce my screenplays. ​

Thank you for coming to my website and I hope you find everything here of value and enjoy my movies.