A Wogglebug Just Needs to be Loved

In the 1960 version of "The Visitors From Oz" which had the visitors come to America with the intention of visiting Dorothy on her birthday and not just to go there to learn about America and the Americans way of life as it had been in 1904 when it was just a happy accident they ended up in Kansas at all, the Wogglebug was quite a hero and a lovable one. He was also in the previous version, which is another story. Anyways, in the 1960 version when they were in Kansas for Dorothy's birthday. he had put on a sort of magic show for the children that was meant to teach them that magic was a real thing. And his show was about the "Magic of Reality" as Richard Dawkins has dubbed it. That is, he did magic based in how nature operates, Including with making the Banyan tree grow a hundred times faster than it would naturally. Then magical birds appeared in the branches, and one landed on Dorothy's shoulder ad began to sing to her. Then after the tree and birds vanished the Wogglebug assured Dorothy she hadn't lost her little bird for he was at that moment building a nest in the tree outside her bedroom window, and it was the same for the rest of the children with their birds. He also made enchanted water come up form the floor and fish swam in it with lights inside their bodies like Japanese lanterns. Then when the water was gone the fish turned into plastic ones containing gifts for Dorothy and all the other children also, and the gifts inside them were all exactly what they wanted because as the Wogglebug said, they were exactly what they themselves put into them because they'd wanted them, and when Dorothy opened her gift that was in the fish I was deeply touched as the Wogglebug bowed and modestly assured Dorothy it was the very present for herself she put into it because she wished for it. I also recall that after his show Aunt Em had brought in the cake and "the children rather expected it to be magic also. But Aunt Em was only a simple farm woman and her only magic was her love for her young niece." Dorothy told Aunt Em her cake was the best part of the party, and the children each ate two slices of the cake, and Uncle ate three slices, and the Wogglebug ate six and asked for instructions on how to make the cake which he wrote down in his notebook. Does this mean, he being a highly magnified Wogglebug needs at least three or four times more love that human beings require to feel happy and fulfilled? It probably does. Also he is a living creature that is meant to be living and not just alive by means of magic from a magic land unlike the companions he was with on his visit. He's also very much like an actual person more than they were and so he must require love more than them. As I'd said before, all characters of childrens fantasy, especially of the lovable variety like Mr. Wogglebug is, need to have love from children like good air to breath. The Wogglebug's companions didn't even need to breath air at all and they don't to be taken care of in the same way he does. The Wogglebug needs to be taken care of rather like an actual human person does and a little more. After all, if you love someone you must take care of them as they are not toys but living things. This is why I'd always believed the Wogglebug had great potential to be able to also teach children in addition to "the magic of reality" also the "magic of giving and receiving love." Especially because he has certain sensitivities that require being cared about a great deal in order for him to function well, both physically and emotionally. As he, being an insect is fragile in body and spirit. He has extra sensitive feelers on the outside that give him extra sensitivity to elements like heat and cold, as well as air pollution, and loud and high-pitched noises. Also, as many other lovable and kid-friendly insects of cartoons have also attested to, he has inner feelings of super sensitivity, or as Professor Nowitall had referred, "highly magnified feelings," and so this makes the feeling of being loved on the inside a vital element for his soul to thrive. This is something I will emphasize in my novels and picture books, and of course in a good way overall. Baum himself had conveyed about the Wogglebug's ultra-sensitive inside feelers in his writing, especially early on. It was obvious to me from reading "The Wogglebug Book" written in 1905 about how profoundly lonely the Wogglebug really was from page one. He was after all in a strange world away from what his typical home always had been, and while surrounded by strangers to him he was being presented with looks from them like he was far more stranger just from his appearance alone. It was always stated he had become separated from his comrades from Oz and time hung heavy on his hands. While it was never directly explained as to why he was separated from the rest of Oz, there have been theories and I have my own. He was obviously lonely, insecure, and wanting to feel appreciated. And while he may have become lustfully infatuated with any wearer of bright Wagnerian plaids, he was still neglected of having and experiencing any true love. It is unfortunate but true that it is the case with many intellectuals that finding true love is one of their most difficult endeavors, but for all kinds of reasons each pertaining to who they are, of course and not the same for all. In the case of Mr. Wogglebug's I can't help but really think that the best and likely only way for him to come to the complete conclusion of exactly what true love actually is, and no matter what kind it is, would be for him to be shown what it is in a way that makes so completely easy for him to feel the need to return it as much as he can. True love at its simple core is caring about another someone who is need especially of it. And comforting them by helping them to understand and love themselves for their good qualities and abilities, and as well as being accepting of their lesser good qualities and even loving those lesser qualities just as they are because they are still nonetheless what makes up the person's entire being. Using both greater and lesser attributes within yourself to help another someone to become their best in the same regard of their own qualities of greater and lesser, is always a true show and sign of exactly what real and unconditional love actually is, no matter who it is for and for what they mean to you. As I've come to understand in my 30 years. Mr. Wogglebug himself had expressed about how good it feels for him to be loved before he even knew what love actually was. When he stated how he much he needed warmth and light to survive. And that when he made a home for himself in the schoolhouse of his creator and educator, Professor Nowitall he said he found the warmth of the hearth to be even warmer and more comfortable than the sunshine. That is, he needs to have the feeling of being surrounded by love and warmth and the light of friendship and family. He needs to have a sense that is constantly being cared about and loved and accepted just for who he is. He needs a home that is full of welcoming love where he has a family that can teach him things with love and also admire and look to him for all that he is and all that he is wise and learned for and that which makes him a person when he is also an insect and the good qualities he has as being both of those things. Whether as a big or little bug he has this need to feel these things a lot, and as a big bug he has them differently and much bigger and more deeply than ever. But at the core of him he has that little bug that just wants to feel the complete warmth of being loved and being at home in comfort and security and surrounded by those who are just like him in that they share a common bond of learning and ways of life and his not afraid of letting himself be known of as he is always looked upon with admiration and respect for all he is and can be. Unfortunately, he does not have this feeling within the Land of Oz and the cult of it that exists in this world. So he needs to be separated from this fandom and have one to his very own where he will receive all the respect and love he ever wanted and even more when all is said and done. It's ironic that his real home was away from what was always perceived as his home all along, and he never even knew it but it was still there from the start..

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