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My Resolutions for 2020

Updated: Jan 1, 2020


Now that 2020 is here I decided to make some resolutions for it to hopefully have a better year during it then I did this one. I've decided to set a list of goals to follow by breaking them down by the months, weeks, and days. So as to be able to make sure I can keep up with them in a logical pattern. Most of them have to do with the Wogglebug's franchise.

Goal #1: Complete 3 movies in the series in the course of 4 months for each and.

Goal #2: Advertise the franchise a little each month and gain a huge fanbase by the end of the year.

Goal #3: Release the movies to Amazon as they are completed and try to sell at least 100 copies of them before the second movie is released and make $1,000 with each worth of sales.

Goal #4: Post a new Blog at least three times a month and always use a mini-video clip to go with it as it really helps bring up the views.

Goal #5: Write and publish a picture book that go with the franchise each month.

Goal #6: Write and publish each of the three movie's novelizations just before each one is released.

Goal #7: Grow my Fan Forum with members.

Goal #8: Watch at least 5 new movies each month.

Goal #9: Read at least 1 novel each month and at least three little books also.

Goal #10: Try to write at least 30 pages of a screenplay per month

Goal #11: Try to film at least 3 minutes of video per day.

Goal #12: Complete at least 3 fanfics during the year.

All these put together if followed through to the maximum should make for the most successful year I've yet had. I may have failed to achieve any of these goals for the last two years, but this year will be different.

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