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Welcome to WogglebugLove Productions

Mr. Wogglebug is fast becoming a household name for children's entertainment for this day and age. Starting with his first movie in his new home in the magical land of Genoma, "Sylvie and the Wogglebug." Have a look around and watch the video below and refer your friends and family about us.

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Sylvie and the Wogglebug movie poster
The Wogglebug's Methods to Find Lost Things Picture book Cover

Kevin Howell

"Sylvie and the Wogglebug" is a wonderful movie for kids of all ages. It has great characters, good values, and a rich world. It has charming animation that is sure to delight kids and adults alike. The voice acting fits each character well and brings out their personalities. Overall, a great movie that everyone can enjoy.

Picture Books

Pinkney Wiggins

This is a good skill for young children to learn, and The Wogglebug is certainly a positive, fatherly role model to learn it from. It is important for young children to be introduced to friendly, non-threatening characters in film and literature as early as possible, in order for them to have the best possible influence - given the fact that children are exposed to the media at earlier and earlier ages, with the prevalence of smart phones and the internet. Mr. Wogglebug is a very appropriate character to introduce young children to, and anyone who remembers The Wogglebug from their childhood will be delighted to have the opportunity to share him with their children.


The Wogglebug's Hidden Truth Behind the Hsitory fo Oz book cover


After hearing about Cynthia and her take on the story behind the Wogglebug of the popular OZ series, I was curious to read her interpretation of him. Overall I think Cynthia has a great backstory to Wogglebug and has really fleshed out his personality in ways that weren't expressed in the original OZ series. Cynthia's story has great potential and I am excited to see where she takes the rest of her story. 

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