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Fill out the form to have a custom video made of Mr. Wogglebug giving your child a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday from the Wogglebug
Wogglebug is on Fiverr.

My fiverr gig of which I will have Mr. Wogglebug say anything you want him to (as long as it is appropriate) or dance to any music you want, or do something funny.

Written in the style of fun Choose Your Own Adventure novels, you can try to help Mr. Wogglebug get a happy ending and win a prize for it.

choose-your-own-adventure Wogglebug story
Fun Polls

Fill out a cool survey about "Sylvie and the Wogglebug."

Survey for "Sylvie and the Wogglebug"
Fan Fiction Contest and Stories

Stories based on the movies written by the fans of them. 

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