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Fanfiction Contest

For this month's contest, the subject is to write a short or long-form story taking place in Oz and is about a chain reaction (set-up then cause and effect) of the Wogglebug's best friend who is a 15-year-old girl named Terry Hayman who gets revenge on the other Oz characters after they have wronged the Wogglebug in this order, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Wizard, Ozma. In the end it all works out in the favor of Terry and the Wogglebug as it takes place just before Wogglebug left of Oz along with Professor Knowitall and the Frogman.


However you write the story please read and memorize the RULES for writing fanfiction. Especially because entries that do not follow them will be disqualified and not posted here let alone receive the grand prize of being interviewed by me on my Visual Podcast. You may also read the previous stories written by fans to help you.


All entries must be submitted in PDF format to my email address


The deadline for entries is May 31st, 2024.

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