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Rules for Writing Fanfiction

For Wogglebug:

1. The Wogglebug is always a good character, and he is only now and then pompous and boastful. He's never really arrogant, or openly rude, or mean at all. He's for the most majority of the time courteous and considerate, charming and optimistic, clever and quick-witted in the faces of any and all situations, and overall shows kindness and tenderheartedness to all he meets and already knows. He is in each film portrayed as an overall three-dimensional character with a brilliant mind, a gentlemanly nature and a lovable soul, as well as an eccentric mind, a boastful nature, and a quirky soul.


2. The Wogglebug's insectoid abilities, attributes, and sensitivities are always treated with kindness and respect, just as his human abilities, attributes, and sensitivites always are just as equally.


3. The Wogglebug is allowed to make mistakes. But never without there being understandable reasons as to why he has. And he always either corrects them or they turn out to be just detours to his overall success in the end. Either way, he learns from them and uses the experience to better himself as a hero and thus he becomes far unlikely to make the same mistake with something else next time. He makes less and less mistakes as the series progresses actually.


4. The Wogglebug never gets really angry with anyone or about anything. Not that he cannot express this but just not ever in a truly negative or inappropriate way. He never resorts to violence, or name-calling or says stupid things that have no basis. He always wants to strive to do just what is really right.


5. The Wogglebug is allowed to make puns. In fact, he is encouraged to, at least most of the time which is more than enough for him. He is encouraged to laugh a lot and make other people laugh. If there should be a maximum of how many puns, he can make per film it should be between ten and fifteen. And if there should be any that are not allowed its only ones that cross into adult related material and humor, and only because the movie series must always be kept as G-rated as possible. Hence the reason for the next rule.


6. The Wogglebug never actually gets involved with any adult content or situations. He is not sexually attracted to anyone. And he and the Frogman are not gay. They are just friends.


7. The Wogglebug is never gross. We will never associate him with any crude, crass, or gross-out humor that involves anything. He is always very clean (as are the storylines and content of his movies), and very neat and well-orderly just as most gentlemen of his status typically are. So, we must emphasize this and how he is able to set good examples for humans in this way in how he is a human-insect hybrid for good purposes.


8. The Wogglebug is never badly hurt in any way if at all ever. Just as he is never to associate himself in acts of violence he also never gets involved in any and is never hurt badly. He never experiences any torture, whether it's physical or mental or emotional either. He never is put in too scary or serious of a life-or-death situation. At least not one that the viewers are not easily able to tell for good and obvious reasons is not going to end in any bad way. And his dark moments never last for long either and are handled with care and consideration.

For Sylvie

1. She is always an overall good girl. Including as she gets into her teen years. She only starts to just experience a bit of difficulty when she reaches puberty in the seventh movie, but nothing that isn't resolved lovingly but Mr. Wogglebug and her foster parents.


2. She always maintains her love and her loyalty to Mr. Wogglebug. She never turns against him and never stops believing in him. She always takes a stand for him if for any reason he's in some position to not be able to do so quite as well. She is never angry at him to the point of being angry at others for doubting him or criticizing him before he can be sometimes.


 3. She is often very smart and clever. But never in a way that overrules the Wogglebug completely. She typically uses these abilities to help him when he is suffering in any way. This is one of the ways she brings humility to him with lots of love. This encourages and inspires him to use his education and knowledge to do the same for others as much as he can possibly do.


4. She also never gets into any really serious trouble or life-threatening situation any more than Mr. Wogglebug ever really does. If she still gets into bad situations Mr. Wogglebug comes to her rescue then, at least unless it's something she must get out of on her own, but he at least is her guidance in how to do so.

For Professor Knowitall

1. He loves the Wogglebug very much in a parental love kind of way and considers him to be his proudest achievement and best student from the beginning and only makes sure this always stays true to itself. He always talks to the Wogglebug in the way of a kind, wise, loving and understanding fatherly figure would do so. He is never stern with the Wogglebug or Sylvie. And the only moments he might hint at coming across as such still make come across as agreeable and rather humorous.


2. Like many “know-it-all” people who are of the age range he is, he does literally often seem to know everything. But at the same time, he only reveals certain information about how he knew everything and did everything he did because of it at typically the end or at best when the time is the pinnacle for it.


3. Although he has much respect for good practitioners of magic in Genoma (the troll wizards among others) he himself never practices it directly but only works with such people sometimes because he realizes and wants them to realize just as much in a way with respect due to them that knowledge and wisdom has equal power and makes just as good of a science in place like Genoma as it does in our world.


4. He also is allowed to make puns sometimes. Thus, its suspected the Wogglebug may have inherited it from him in the part of him that is human.

For Frogman

1. Much the same rules that apply to the Wogglebug also apply to the Frogman, just tailored somewhat to fit to his character. He is always a well-orderly gentleman and always kindhearted and is always a friend to Sylvie and the Wogglebug in rain or shine.


2. The Frogman is never against the Wogglebug and he is never his rival any more than the Wogglebug is his own. They accept each other's uniqueness in how they have as many differences as they do commonalities. As their first adventure together had brought this into being in nothing but positive ways overall.


3. While the Frogman is a lot like the Wogglebug he is no way like a copied image of him. He is not as humorous and eccentric. And while he is very intelligent he is a different way than the Wogglebug is most of the time. The Wogglebug is more of a scholar and the Frogman is more of the philosopher. Just as the Wogglebug relies often just on his intellect, while the Frogman at least when the situation calls for it can use more physical strength which is all why he is such a perfect best man for the Wogglebug

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