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Mr. Wogglebug stepped up to the rainbow hued castle and rang the doorbell. Within moments it was opened by the owner. He was a tall man with a white face and red hair with a matching nose and mouth and wearing a blue top hat and a checked jacket and yellow shirt with red vertical buttons, a red bowtie, and striped trousers and yellow shoes and white gloves. Mr. Wogglebug smiled and tipped his hat to him.

"Hello. Are you Cobo Mystis?" he asked.

"I certainly am," was the reply. "And you must be Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E., right?"

"Yes, indeed," replied Mr. Wogglebug. "And I trust you received my email?"

"I did indeed," replied Cobo Mystis. "It told all about you. Now as I understand you are here because you want to try to go through one of my challenges to win a birthday present for your best friend Sylvie?"

"That's right," Mr. Wogglebug confirmed. "For I've heard all about you from Professor Knowitall and the Troll Wizards. And you have given among the best kinds of presents to all kinds of people because they were brave enough and, or smart enough to get through one of your challenges."

"That I have," replied Cobo Mystis. "And so you think you have the skills and wits to get through anything my dream castle can find you in?"

"Yes, I certainly do," Mr. Wogglebug assured him. "I am not highly magnified and thoroughly educated for nothing after all! And I do have plentiful experience with the Seven Living Values of Intelligence as well as the Four Keys of Wisdom. And I can handle anything your dream castle faces me with. Whether it is benign, hostile, or something in-between."

Cobo Mystis smiled at the enthusiastic Wogglebug. "I see you are full of your own confidence," he acknowledged. "But you must remember you will need much more than confidence to get through some of the things my dream castle may have in store for you."

"I'll remember. No need to worry about me," Mr. Wogglebug said. "May I please come in?"

"Very well. You may," said Cobo Mystis as he stepped aside to let Mr. Wogglebug in.

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