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Mr. Wogglebug entered the castle and found he was faced a large room full of adjoining hallways down each of which were a section of four doors.

"Now," Cobo Mystis explained, "you must pick one hallway to go into and from there you must select only one of the four doors. And once you have selected the door of your choice you can never turn back. For you must complete the challenge it deals you all the way through to the end. No matter what end it may lead you to."

"Okay. I understand," said Mr. Wogglebug and I'm ready and willing to take on anything."

"Good," said Cobo Mystis. "And remember also that at certain intervals you may find portals into other areas of the castle. But that will not change your main goal to achieve. And you must figure out for yourself what your main goal is. You would be surprised how many people couldn't figure it out. And did they ever get into terrible messes because of it."

"No need to worry about me," said Mr. Wogglebug. "For I am a philosopher and a gentleman and I don't get into messes as easily as I help others out of them."

"It is not really you I am worried about," said Cobo Mystis. "For you will come out again no matter what happens to you. But if you make a wrong choice Sylvie could end up not getting her present because of it. And I want her to get the present I have in mind for her as much as you do. For I love children also. That is why I run this place. And my rules are what they are because I just want to make sure they have good role models give them these presents. I'm not like Santa Claus you know."

"Yes, I know," said Mr. Wogglebug. "May I make my choice of doorway now?"

"Yes, you may," said Cobo Mystis. "Choose your hallway first and then let the signs on the doors guide your decision."

"Thank you," Mr. Wogglebug said with a bow.

Then after he selected the seventh hallway he hurried down it and found himself facing three doors. Each one had a sign pasted onto them. The first door that was dark brown said Open to Darkness. The second door that was mahogany brown said Open to Magic. The third door that was light brown said Open to Another World.

Mr. Wogglebug stood pondering his decision before the four doors facing him. Which one should he choose?

Door #1

Door #2

Door #3

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