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Mr. Wogglebug found himself standing at the front of a large grey stone castle which had an authentic look to it of being from medieval Transylvania. All around him there was fog. The sky was dark and without stars and the moon was but a slight sliver in the background. The air was rather cool and made him shiver a little bit. In the distance he thought he could hear howling and then screeching.

As he stood there wondering where he was he heard a faint squeak coming from above him. He looked up and saw a large black bat gliding down toward him. The bat had yellow glowing eyes and sharp pointed ears and teeth. As the bat flew down closer to him a bright light began to emanate from it and just as it was almost in front of him a cloud of grey smoke enveloped it and it and with a crack of lightning it transformed into the figure of a tall thin man with very pale skin and a bald head and large ears that were almost pointed. The man was wearing a black old-fashioned suit and cape that billowed slightly in the chilled wind.

The man looked over Mr. Wogglebug from head to foot and then stared into his eyes with a warm smile coming to his thin lips and bowed slightly.

"Greetings!" he said in an aged raspy voice laced with a thick accent. "I am Count Karloff. Welcome to my castle. I invite you to make my humble home your humble home."

Mr. Wogglebug stared in wonder at Count Karloff. Judging by his appearance and voice and mannerisms, there was something he had to be. And that something Mr. Wogglebug was thinking of made him just a tad uncomfortable. But he had to make sure before jumping to conclusions.

"Hello, sir," he said with a warm smile. "I beg your pardon but to be perfectly honest from seeing the looks about you, I want to ask if you are a vampire?"

Count Karloff smiled broader and slightly revealed pointed teeth at the ends of his mouth. "Yes, indeed I am a vampire," he replied smugly. "I suppose it must be that obvious!"

Now that Mr. Wogglebug knew for certain, he was conflicted about how to act now. As this was his first time meeting with an actual vampire. He wanted to be polite as he always tried to be to everyone. At the same time he was nervous from what he had read about vampires. And when he was nervous he often wanted to lighten the mood. But how?

What should he do?

Talk about vampires he has read about

Just treat Count Karloff like an ordinary person

Make a joke

Wogglebug meers Count Karloff
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