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Mr. Wogglebug found himself in the midst of a beautiful and strange looking land. He saw strangely shaped trees with long blue leaves like fronds on every side and all about him were scattered oddly shaped plants and mushrooms that were far from anything like what he was accustomed to. Even the sky overhead was different. It was a sort of greenish blue.

"I have a feeling I'm not on Earth anymore," he said thinking out loud.

As he was looking around he spotted a dark blue unicorn coming toward him with sparkly hooves and mane and twinkling little black eyes. This was followed by a bright red unicorn, and then by a white and blue one. They were all small in size and he figured they must be very young as such.

"Hello stranger," called a deep and gravelly voice coming toward him. "I see you are yet another someone who has found a way to my home."

He turned to the left side of him and saw a very tall hairy brown creature with a large head that vaguely resembled a dog. Except it was walking upright and wore a pair of red sneakers on its feet.

"Hello," Mr. Wogglebug said politely. "I am Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. And who are you?"

"I am Daggy the guardian of this whole place," replied the strange doglike creature. "And I protect all of the living things around here. But lately it seems I haven't been doing  so good a job at it."

"Why do you say that?" asked Mr. Wogglebug.

"Because not long ago one of the unicorns just disappeared. It vanished without a trace. I looked everywhere for it but it seems it's gone. So I figured it must have gone up the steps."

"What steps? What are you talking about?" asked Mr. Wogglebug.

"There are sets of steps located around here and there that when climbed up open portals to other worlds. And I must never climb them myself and likewise I must make no other creature here climbs them. For I know that if either were to happen the consequences could be terrible."

"So you think your unicorn must have climbed those steps and was transported to another world where it could be in terrible danger now?" Mr. Wogglebug said with concern.

Daggy nodded solemnly. "Yes. And it's all my fault and I don't see any way of me being able to get him back."

"But I might be able to get him back," said Mr. Wogglebug brightly. "For I have many connections with many worlds and important figures of them. If you will just lead me to a set of those steps, Daggy, I will look for your unicorn for you."

"I would greatly appreciate it," said Daggy with a smile. "Come with me. I'll show you where the steps are."

Mr. Wogglebug followed Daggy a little ways before they came to a cleared out area where he could see four sets of what looked like long white carpeted staircases set at every corner.

"Please choose one of them and go up it and the rest will take care of itself for you," instructed Daggy. "Now I've got to go now and look after the rest of my unicorns before anymore of them disappear."

Mr. Wogglebug stood and pondered which set of steps he should choose.

The one at the North

The one at the East

The one at the West

The one at the South

Wogglebug and Daggy and Unicorns.
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