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Mr. Wogglebug found himself standing in the midst of a vast space of land that was blanketed completely in thick white snow. Yet the air was surprisingly warm as well as clear. Looking around he spotted a signpost nearby which read "North Pole. Laughing Valley. Home of Santa Claus." with an arrow pointing in the direction to go to this destination.

Mr. Wogglebug decided he would like to meet Santa Claus for he had heard so much about him from Sylvie in a good way. So he followed the direction of the signpost and soon came upon a series of large red buildings with green rooftops and white framed windows. He walked up to one of them and knocked on the door.

It was quickly opened by a very short person wearing a pointed green cap with a jingle bell at the tip and a matching green outfit that was trimmed with red and pointed shoes. He quickly assumed this must be an elf that worked here.

"Hello," said Mr. Wogglebug. "I am Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. and I am here to see Santa Claus. May I?"

The elf smiled a broad toothy smile and replied, "Why, of course you may, Mr. Wogglebug! Santa will be so pleased to meet you. For he has heard so much about you in a good way. Come with me."

Mr. Wogglebug followed the elf. "You mean Santa already knows about me? But how?" he asked in surprise?

"Santa knows everything," replied the elf with a wink. He knows all about your friend Sylvie after all, don't you know?"

"Oh, of course! I might have known from that song Sylvie taught me about him," Mr. Wogglebug said.

The elf led him up to a large cottage that was richly decorated in Christmas lights and tinsel, and bells and balls, and candy canes.

"Here we are," announced the elf. "You can just go right in. For Santa always loves having visitors as he gets so few from outside of here you know."

So Mr. Wogglebug opened the door and walked into a very warm and cozy room that was as equally furnished with Christmas decor on the inside as it was on the outside. Looking around he spotted a large fireplace in front of which was a big red armchair on which he found Santa himself was seated and beside him were two tables. One was set with a plate of cookies and a half full glass of milk and the other one was set with a huge pile of letters. Santa was reading them while he ate.

Santa looked up at hearing the door open and on seeing Mr. Wogglebug he smiled and laughed merrily. "Ho ho ho!" he exclaimed. "Hello Mr. Wogglebug. I have heard so much about you in a good way. Just as I know all about your friend Sylvie and all of the adventures you've had together in Genoma. Which is one of my favorite places to visit. And I also know that at this moment you are on a quest to get a present for birthday."

"Why yes, I am indeed," replied Mr. Wogglebug. "I'd been so caught up in the midst of my adventure recently that had somehow slipped my mind."

"Well anyway," continued Santa, "I think I may have just the very present for her right here with me. I was of course saving it for Christmas. But in consideration of how close friends you two are, I think I could make this one exception. She deserves only the best after all for she has always been such a good girl."

"Yes, I quite agree," said Mr. Wogglebug. "What do you have?"

Santa appeared to reach into an inside pocket for a moment and then he pulled out a very large snowglobe taht had a picture of Sylvie with Mr. Wogglebug in it. "Now," he explained, "this is no ordinary snowglobe for it is a portal to Genoma that can let her see you anytime she wishes. She can also talk to you like on a telephone if you both desire. And if need be she can also be transported to Genoma at her will if she shakes it to the right."

Mr. Woggelebug was delighted by such a generous gift. He wanted so much to take it. But what about the rest of his adventure which wasn't over yet and Cobo Mystis' promise to give a present of his own at the end of it. He was now conflicted.

Should he accept Santa's gift

Or just continue on his way

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