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"Alright, Santa," Mr. Wogglebug exclaimed happily. "It's a deal. I'll take your present for Sylvie."

"Ho ho ho! Excellent choice!" Santa chortled robustly.

Santa held out the snowglobe to Mr. Wogglebug who came forward and took it.

"So now I guess my quest is complete," Mr. Wogglebug said. "Now how do I get back to where I'd started?"

"I can provide you with how to do that easily," Santa assured him. He took out from his inside pocket a large candy cane and handed it to him. "Just hang this candy cane on that doorknob over there," he instructed. "And count ten seconds and then when you open the door and leave through it you will be returned to your first destination."

"Thank you, Santa," Mr. Wogglebug said with a deep bow.

Then he went to the door Santa had pointed out, hung the candy cane on the doorknob, counted ten seconds, and then opened the door. As he went through it he found himself back inside of Cobo Mystis' castle at the exact place he had started from in the hallway of doors.

He looked down and found to his surprise and disbelief he was no longer holding the snowglobe that Santa gave him.

Just then Cobo Mystis walked up to him. His face held a very sad expression. "You failed," he said simply.

"But I had a gift for Sylvie, only now it is gone," Mr. Wogglebug said with despair.

"And that is what I mean," replied Cobo Mystis. "What Santa was doing with you was a test. A test of temptation rather, to see if you could avoid it or not. You see, you had to complete your journey, and you had to save the unicorn, and only then could you get a present to give to Sylvie. It seems in this case you let what you wanted to do confuse what you needed to do. I am so sorry. But rules are rules."

"I suppose you're right," Mr. Wogglebug moaned as a tear fell from his eye.

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