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Mr. Wogglebug thought long and hard about it before he made his decision. And then, knowing what was the right thing to do he sighed deeply and said, "I mean no offense, good Santa Claus. But I cannot accept this gift. Not now anyway. For I am on a quest Cobo Mystis put me on to win Sylvie a present and I need to complete that quest. And as of now I have found out about a young unicorn that is being held prisoner in a cage in a dark castle by a group of creepy people and I am making it my mission to rescue him. I'm sure you understand?"

Santa smiled as he put the snowglobe away and said, "Ho ho ho! Of course I understand perfectly! In fact I am very proud of you, Mr. Wogglebug for making a very wise decision. Because the snowglobe had actually been a test of temptation for you which Cobo Mystis wanted me to put you to in case you came here. Now you have passed the test and can go on your way again."

"Thank you, Santa," said Mr. Wogglebug with much relief. "But now how do I go on my way again? I have to get back to Count Karloff's castle."

"That I can help you to do very easily," Santa assured him. He reached into an inside pocket and took out a large candy cane and handed it to him. "Just hang this candy cane on that doorknob over there," he instructed. "Then count ten seconds and then when you open the door you will be at the destination you need to be at, I promise you."

"Thank you, Santa," Mr. Wogglebug said with a deep bow.

He took the candy cane, hung it on the doorknob Santa had pointed out, count ten seconds, and then opened the door.

And he found himself at his destination.

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