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Mr. Wogglebug opened the door in the floor and climbed down the long flight of stairs. At the bottom he found a large wooden door which he knocked on.

"Come in," called a low deep voice from behind the door.

Mr. Wogglebug opened the door and walked into an elaborate laboratory. He saw shelves with many beakers and flasks and jars lining them. And a table with experiments set up on it. On the walls he could see large electric instruments buzzing and whiring with sparks of lighting flickering on and off from them.

He glanced up at the person who had spoken to him from behind the door. He was a tall and muscular man wearing dark clothing. He had a greenish face that was shaped somewhat like a square with thin black hair on top of his equally square shaped head. He smiled warmly at him.

"Hello," said Mr. Wogglebug. "Are you Dr. Stein?"

"Me? No. I am his son. My name is Frankie," he replied with a little chuckle. "Dr. Stein is back there."

Mr. Wogglebug walked toward the back of the laboratory and found a short elderly man with a round head and little greying hair wearing glasses and a lab coat. He was bending over a large slab that was laying against the wall and was making adjustments to things on it.

"Hello," Mr. Wogglebug said. "I am Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. I hope you don't mind, your son Frankie said I could come in."

"That sounds like him," replied the doctor in a subtle German accent. He turned around and gazed upon Mr. Wogglebug with profound curiosity. "Why, you look yourself like some great science creation if ever I've seen any," he remarked.

"Thank you," said Mr. Wogglebug. "I was in fact created by a scientist and inventor named Professor Knowitall. He is also like a father and a mentor to me. Is that why Frankie refers to you as his father? Because you created him?"

"Yes," replied Dr. Stein. "I did, in a manner of speaking. I gave life to him with all you see around you, And I don't mind it because Frankie is so childlike and simple it's to be expected. Plus I kind of love him. He is after all my own magnamopus. What can I do for you, Mr. Wogglebug?"

"I was just hoping  you would know of a way for me to leave this place," he replied. "Count Karloff has been very kind. But as of now I think I've seen enough here."

It was just then that he noticed a large gilded cage in a corner of the room. Inside of which was a small silvery blue unicorn with tiny black eyes that were cast downward as its head hung low.

"I haven't seen that before," Mr. Wogglebug said with curiosity. "How peculiar to see such a creature as that in a place like this. Is it another of your creations?"

"No," replied Dr. Stein. "It is a creature which Count Karloff found wondering about the castle grounds. He decided to keep it for a pet and the resident witch also wants it for its magical properties. Right now I am keeping here to decode what makes it so magical. Now if you will come with me I will show you a way out of here."

Mr. Wogglebug glanced again at the unicorn as he was led away from it by Dr. Stein. He figured it must be the very same unicorn he had learned Daggy had lost. He wondered if he should tell Dr. Stein this or not.

To tell him?

Or not to tell him?

Wogglebug in Frank and Stein's lab.
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