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Mr. Wogglebug stopped Dr. Stein in front of the transportation unit.

"I want you to understand, sir, that I am not leaving without that unicorn I see in that cage," he told him. "For it doesn't belong to you, or the Count, or the witch. It belongs to a fellow named Daggy who lives in an unknown realm separate from this world and he protects unicorns like this. And I have been sent here I believe to rescue it and return it to him."

Dr. Stein frowned and said, "Well, I can't let you have it because even if I was willing to, which I'm not, the Count and the witch would both be at my throat in each their own ways."

"But that is a risk you must take," Mr. Wogglebug urged. "I mean what if someone were to kidnap Frankie? Wouldn't you want him back?"

"No one would kidnap Frankie for he is much too strong!" Dr. Stein shouted. "And this is to prove it to you! Frankie, put Mr. Wogglebug in the unit!"

"Yes, dear father!" replied Frankie coming at once.

Frankie grabbed hold of Mr. Wogglebug and picked him up and began to forcibly push him into the transportation unit. Mr. Wogglebug struggled hard but Frankie was much too strong. And as soon as he was fully into the unit Dr. Stein pushed a blue button and the doors slid closed.

After the whirring, buzzing, darkness, and feeling of weightlessness had ended, Mr. Wogglebug watched as the doors burst open and he found himself back where he had originally started in Cobo Mystis' castle, whom he found standing before him.

Cobo shook his head sadly and said, "I am so very sorry, Mr. Wogglebug. But it appears you have failed at your quest. For you shouldn't have told Dr. Stein anything. You should have distracted him while you saved the unicorn. Now I am afraid the unicorn won't be saved and you also won't get a present to give to Sylvie either. I'm afraid this has been one of those times in which you let your pride get the better of you."

"I suppose you're right," Mr. Wogglebug said as a tear fell from his eye.

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