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Mr. Wogglebug stood in the middle of a rural countryside with lush green grass and trees all around. Before him he saw a grand country house. At the front of it he saw a little girl jumping rope. He came up to her and bowed as he said,

"Hello. I am Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. Can you tell me who you are and where I am?"

The little girl stopped jumping rope and smiled at him. "My name is Polly and you are in the Land of Nona. My father is the resident high wizard here and he will want to meet you."

"And I am sure I would love to meet him," he said. "Will you show me to him?"

"Yes," she replied. "But right now he is in his study and cannot be disturbed for anything. You see, he is working on something very important to us. He is trying to make a crystal ball that can see anything its asked to. He needs this to find out where my pet unicorn is."

"You have a pet unicorn?" inquired Mr. Wogglebug with interest.

"I had one for a while," she said turning sad eyed. "His name is Bluebell. I lost him a week ago when we were out playing hide and seek. I think he must have somehow wandered off. Or maybe he was kidnapped. I hate to think what could have happened to him. I love him and want him to come back!" Tears came to her eyes.

A realization came to Mr. Wogglebug just then. "So he was a blue unicorn?"

"Yes," replied Polly.

"Then I know where he is," said Mr. Wogglebug.

Just then they heard a loud deep voice from inside the house call out, "Polly! Come here quick! I've got it working now!"

Polly and Mr. Wogglebug entered the house where she showed him into a room that was crowded with books and all kinds of magical instruments. There was an older man with a white beard and sharp green eyes bending over a large white sphere set on a large oaken table. He was focusing intently on it and making gestures with his hands over it. As he did so it began glowing on and off in different shades of pink and yellow and green.

"It works!" he exclaimed with triumph. "Now we can decipher where Bluebell is."

As they watched the crystal ball flashed images between its color flashes. There was an image of a blue unicorn grazing in a field with other unicorns, then there was the image the same unicorn locked in a cage in a dimly lit room and looking miserable. Two shadowy figures loomed over it.

"So Bluebell is in a cage in a dark castle somewhere," said Polly frantically. "How are we going to rescue him?"

"I can rescue him for you," said Mr. Wogglebug.

"Daddy, this is Mr. Wogglebug," Polly said quickly introducing him. "We just met and he wants to save Bluebell."

"You seem quite sincere in your word," said her father. "So I will give you the honor of saving my daughter's beloved pet. If you will come over here with me I will help you get on your way."

He led Mr. Wogglebug to a cabinet which he opened and took out a small bottle of pills.

"Now," he explained, "If you take one of these pills and make a wish while gazing into the crystal ball you will arrive at the right destination in a split second. But do be careful. As the crystal ball as I've noticed has a habit of showing multiple images every second."

Just then another realization came to Mr. Wogglebug. "I'll rescue the unicorn. But I can't return it to you. For it doesn't belong to you rightfully. It belongs rightfully to a fellow named Daggy who lives to protect creatures like unicorns in some unknown realm separate from this world."

Hearing this quickly made Polly very sad. Her father also looked discouraged by this unexpected news. But he said, "We understand. All that matters right now is the unicorn's safety."

Mr. Wogglebug took the pill that was handed to him and swallowed it without hesitation. Then he gazed into the crystal ball and tried to concentrate.

Three images of a blue unicorn flashed before his eyes. One image was a unicorn in darkness. One showed a figure hovering over the unicorn. And one image showed a hand on the unicorn.

"Quickly! Make your wish for the magic won't last!" cried the wizard.

Mr. Wogglebug panicked. Which image should he focus in on?

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

Wogglebug meets a Wizard and daughter.
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