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Mr. Wogglebug stepped out of the transportation unit's doors with the unicorn and found they were back in the strange and beautiful unknown realm where Daggy lived.

Daggy spotted them at once and rushed up to them and wrapped his arms around the unicorn in a loving embrace. The other unicorns who noticed the return of one of their own gathered around them.

"Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Wogglebug!" exclaimed Daggy joyously. "You've saved and returned one of my beloved creatures. You are a true hero for the universe. Now is there anything I can do for you in return?"

"All I want now is to return to Cobo Mystis' castle and claim the reward he promised me for completing my quest which it seems I have," Mr. Wogglebug assured him.

"Very well," said Daggy. "Just go to that set of steps to the South and you will arrive there in seconds."

"Thank you," said Mr. Wogglebug with a deep bow.

He went to the steps and climbed them. Once he arrived there he found himself standing before Cobo Mystis in a large room that was piled from top to floor with wrapped presents. Cobo was grinning from ear to ear at him.

"You've done well, my friend!" he announced joyously. "You've succeeded at your quest. Now you may be rewarded. You may take your pick of any one of these three presents."

He then displayed magically before him three wrapped presents and explained what each of them contained.

"This one is a DVD of your first adventure with Sylvie in saving the Enchanted Forest. This one is a plushie made in your likness. This one is a special film strip of your favorite part of your adventure you just had in saving the unicorn. Take your pick if you will."

This was hard for Mr. Wogglebug to decide on.

Should it be #1

Should it be #2

Should it be #3

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