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Mr. Wogglebug agreed to let the witch cast her transportation spell on him.

"Go right ahead with your magic," he said. "I've endured magic so many times before I don't see how yours could possibly do me any real harm."

And so the witch made wild gestures with her hands and chanted a lot of gibberish phrases loudly. And then bolts of lightning shot out of her fingertips and aimed directly at him. A great puff of smoke blew up all around him and he closed his eyes for they had started to burn from it. Then he heard a loud POP!

When he opened his eyes he found himself standing back where he had originally started in front of the door that read Open to Darkness inside of Cobo Mystis' castle.

And he realized at once that he had made a terrible mistake. For he had not completed his quest at all in any way. He had thus totally failed.

"I am so sorry," he heard Cobo Mystis' voice say from behind him. "But it looks you won't be getting a present to give to Sylvie. Because rules are rules you know."

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