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Mr. Wogglebug pushed the blue button on the side of the transportation unit. At once it lit up and the doors closed around him. He heard a loud whirring and buzzing coming from within the walls around him. Then all became dark and he felt very light for a moment as if he were floating through space. Then he heard a loud DING and the doors burst open.

He stepped out of the doors and found himself standing in the middle of his own bedroom in Genoma. He turned around and the transportation unit was nowhere to be found. He stood their very confused for a few moments before he heard the phone ring on his bedside table.

He picked up the phone and heard Cobo Mystis' voice on the other end say, "I am sorry but if you are here now and hearing this recording it means you have failed and you will not be getting a present to give to Sylvie. Because rules are rules." And then the line went dead.

Mr. Wogglebug realized with chagrin he had failed at his quest so soon and had surely let Sylvie down because of it. The thought of this made tears come to his eyes. And he sat down on his bed, pulled out his handkerchief and began sobbing bitterly. He only hoped Sylvie could forgive him.

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