This is exclusive to WogglebugLove Productions. Mr. Wogglebug's previous timeline in Oz was a miserable failure. But this hadn't been his fault. He just hadn't known why the group he got involved with was on their way to the Emerald City in the first place, let alone that a war was going on there at the time. But what if this one element could have been changed. The question is answered in that it was the one thing that changed everything for the better for him. He becomes the leader of his comrades and plays a more heroic role in this new version of the second half of the book he was originally introduced in by Baum as rewritten in Cynthia Hanson's own unique style. This also was actually in fact the only timeline that Mr. Wogglebug and his comrades had visited the United States of America afterward. Then on their way home to Oz a hurricane blows them away to an uncharted island they find is inhabited by living dinosaurs. Most are highly evolved and speak and do human things. They find out a young dinosaur is about to become a leader due to birth right. But there was a mix-up with his birth and another dinosaur who is more qualified. Mr. Wogglebug is the only one who knows how to reveal the truth.