The Good Bug vs. the Bad Bug

As I'd said before, good and bad (or evil) are subjective in many ways. Just as it is equally true, to paraphrase a quote from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie, all the world is not made up of good people and bad ones as we've all got light and dark inside of us. And just as Sirius assured Harry of this, I also feel the same is true about the situations in Oz with the Wogglebug. That he is not a bad person but a good person who's just had bad things happened to him. I think this also because I'd once had the test result my "inner animal" is the wolf, and I've read the saying, "There resides in everyone a good wolf and a bad wolf, and the one that wins is just the one fed the most." The same is true with the inner bad bug and good bug we all have in us also. Our immune system is made up of 80% good bacteria and 20% bad bacteria which is as it should be for a naturally healthy and happy human being. The good bacteria must always be in the majority so that it can fight off any bad bacteria that may enter the body from the outside, and the bad bacteria must be kept in a low degree and just be there so that the good bacteria knows it is good bacteria and must stay in the lead at all times because of it. If however the bad bacteria starts increasing beyond its regular capacity and even starts devouring some good bacteria in the immune system, the bad evolves into a fatal parasite within the human body. Fatal as in it can lead to heart disease and such. Medical science has discovered these things in recent years and have been finding ways help preserve the human immune system and strengthen the good bacteria to guard against the forming of a parasite from the bad. So in essence, whichever type of inner bug wins out over the other is just simply the one that is developed the most, emphasized the most, paid attention to the most, or to put it most appropriately in this case, magnified to the highest degree. This relates to how I portray the Wogglebug when I write about him and how his voice actor does it also in accordance. While he still has negative qualities to his personality they are always kept in a low degree with the good qualities winning out overall to the point of redeeming the bad ones automatically. That is, as Richard Poshard tells me, he makes the effort to have things like the Wogglebug's pride and sometimes tendency to talk down to others as much more of just an eccentric quirk to his nature instead of an actual personality flaw. Which is precisely as it should be and can stay as long as the Wogglebug's true self is kept intact through the emphasis of love and caring attention. This is where my theory of how he changed internally from good bug over bad bug, to bad bug over good bug in the Oz world timeline. That is of course that his lesser qualities became more focused and emphasized on instead of the better ones. He began to see himself in the way those around him saw him. Thus he developed an illness in which he lost his self-esteem but still kept his pride and he also couldn't trust his heart anymore due to it being broken and so he shut it off. Then isolated himself into his stuffy college while not even being aware as the years went by that he was suffocating to death in such conditions.

A profound example to at least drive the point home are in events of him from the "Oz" and "Dark Oz" comics series from Caliber. The series was a more "modernized" version of Baum's Oz that involved the Nome King turning the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion as evil as himself to become "the three evil kings" to assist in his conquering Oz with darkness. Just after the setup of this, the Wogglebug came into the series, after a little fairylike creature had finally convinced him to come out of his stuffy confines of his college he was the dean of. He was at first hostile, overbearing, and easily disturbed as he accused his companion "Pythff" of not alerting him about important matters outside his college sooner, and then she informed she had been trying for a long time to do so but he wouldn't listen to her and once he even threw a book at her, and in response he snapped at her for always having excuses. He then went on to brag about his knowledge of the differences in brains he'd studies in the four corners of Oz, then lamented "It is my curse to be so thoroughly educated." This was just before the evilized version of the Scarecrow showed up and attacked them with his flock of crows. Then the Wogglebug was suddenly rescued by the Wizard of Oz and the two of them fled. Then it proceeded that the Wogglebug teamed with the Wizard in helping more Ozites get to safety with the Wogglebug demonstrating his intellectual prowess along the way such as by building a fire in a dark cave by clashing stones together (this he received notable praise for ). Then he founded the band of Freedom Fighters and as he led them through hard times before and after the curses of the Three Evil Kings were dismantled he himself encountered a few personal obstacles which slowly stripped away his ornery exterior. Such as when he rode this series version of the Gump (it looked more like a winged moose) and ended up rescuing a prisoner in a mountainside prison when he himself was also being imprisoned there, and bringing Tik-Tok's broken remains to Johnny Dooit to put him back together again and which he did. Then in the midst of the "Dark Oz" climax of the series the Wogglebug starred in his "special" in which he essentially had become his true self once again. He now was genuinely courteous, optimistic, and skillfully intelligent to a fault in the face of all situations. Every second I read the words he spoke I took them in like a big bowl full of warm and shiny words of inspirational wisdom and love. I also couldn't help but notice the differences in the appearances of the Wogglebug when he first entered this comic series and then the end of it. At the beginning when he came out of his stuffy college that was suffocating his life essence from his soul, he looked more like a grotesque buglike human and his posture and way of moving about was not as erect and dignified and he looked somewhat hunchbacked (the way an upright walking insect might). But then in his "Wogglebug Special" at the climax of the series, when he came out of the darkness and stood before Captain Julian he looked just amazingly awesome in his soldier's uniform and somehow taller, thinner, younger, more handsome and respectfully more humanlike than before. He also was clearly standing just as straight, tall, and dignified as Captain Julian also was in front of him. I also recall after the Wogglebug announced he wished to "join the merry band of Gilikin Warriors" and Captain Julian was initially skeptical in accepting him at first the Wogglebug said, "Before you deny me, note that I have traveled a long and arduous journey to reach you, and recall I was a founder and pivotal member of the Freedom Fighters during the reign of the Nome King and the Three Evil Kings." So I guess the "long and arduous journey" the Wogglebug must have traveled before he could meet with Captain Julian had been the events combined with the time span between the moment and from since he left his stuffy tomb of a college he was imprisoned in. It makes perfect sense. I also recall when the Wogglebug later got on a horse's back as he and the other warriors started out he exclaimed how it made him feel like "one of those bovine men from Dorothy's world" or a "cowboy" and then later when he got down on bended knee with his bow and arrows he said "And now I am Robin Bug of Gilikin Forest, Black Knaves!" Because of course, the chance to use and exercise their prowess is what every intellectual hero needs like good air to breath, and the same is equally true for kind and lovable characters in their need of being cared for with affection, hugging, and the feel they are needed for such to give these things as much as to receive them. If there is any remaining doubt of the theories I explained from before about why the Wogglebug had been a prisoner inside his college both from within himself and because of outside forces, then consider this. After he came out of it and the Scarecrow came up to him from out of nowhere, he interrupted the Wogglebug's speech with these exact words, "Shut up, you overgrown pompous insect! We both know my intellect is the superior to yours! You are not worth soiling the sole of my boot!" While the Scarecrow may have been under the evil Nome King's spell at the time, remember that he had not been before he was partly responsible for the Wogglebug's suffering and imprisonment. He had been continuously saying those exact words to the Wogglebug over and over again when the Wogglebug was his true self, just not as directly as this. Anyone with at least an ounce of education should be able to put these things together. This reminds me of a short film I watched in my sixth grade which I will paraphrase now what it taught. The Wogglebug when he first came in came with an "I am Lovable and Capable" tag attached to him. But through the abusing of him through the others around him and other outside forces it was turned to shreds and he decided to build a brick wall around himself for protection in such a vulnerable and painful condition. That the Wogglebug was ever rude or unfriendly to anyone from before this is an outright scandal. I mean, none of the other characters around him ever suffered anything like the fate he suffered from them. All of them have everything, and he has nothing. They are surrounded by adoring fans and admirers of all kinds, but he has no one. I rest my case

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