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The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth About the Wogglebug's Oz Fandom Situation

Over the years I've come to look deeper into the Wogglebug's psyche. I've now come to an all the better understanding of the differences between the Wogglebug in his inception and incursion in Baum's 14 Oz books, and the Famous Forty (or Sovereign Sixty) books altogether. My love for him remains the same because of it, and stronger than ever. Because I see him in a superior way compared to how fans of the Oz series do. Unlike them, I see him as a vitally wonderful being and not as a specimen to be prodded at. Anytime I'd analyze him would be only in a sense of how either a doctor or a counselor would do so. Now I am going to explain my conclusions of how it came about that he changed from a wonderfully wise and lovable creature with a tender heart and gentlemanly nature into a disgraceful miserly professor version who gives out artificial learning pills to students, as if he had forgotten what he originally believed his purpose in being what he is actually was meant for. Rather, it was more Baum forgot what this character had been meant for in his inception. Which is exactly this, the Wogglebug was originally meant to become Ozma's best friend and confidante who would stand at her side as Royal Advisor and always be there for her whenever her duties would grow perplexing. Quote from the text: "the Wogglebug, who was appointed to the important post of Public Educator, was quite helpful to Ozma when her royal duties grew perplexing." He was in a word, rather meant to become in Oz the equal of what he was in the short "Visitors From Oz" stories in which he was a leader of the others for all of the right reasons, especially he was an advocate for using ones education with honesty and good intentions can more often than not lead to heroism, and was meant to be looked on as a role model for young children reading these stories, along with the contest about finding out what he'd said at the end of them. I recall the Wogglebug being described in them as "generous" and "wise and considerate" and as having "a tender heart" and comforting a little girl "as politely as if she were a great lady" and all the stories in which these things were stated about him consistently portrayed him as being this way and doing the sort of things for both his companions and the people of America to go with it. I also recall this exact paragraph from one such story: "It has been said, with considerable lack of kindness, that the Wogglebug's excellent education is of little account, because it is applied to a Wogglebug intellect; but the wonderful insect is constantly proving the falsity of this scandal by doing and saying brilliant things which many people of regulation brains would be very proud of." Now, all of this is strictly Baum's own words in "How the Wogglebug Proved his Knowledge of Chemistry," and just confirmed to me all I could see in this character in the second Oz book all the time, along with the aforementioned ways of describing him also. This all came after the second Oz novel, in which in the final chapter of this book the exact statement of what the Wogglebug was to become was proclaimed towards the end of it. As I recall this had been because Ozma was to be known as being better than the Wizard had ever been in doing all the things the Wizard said he could do but never really did. That is, the Wizard (Oscar Diggs) was actually NOT originally meant to ever return to Oz before the fourth book was conceived, just as there were not originally meant to be any more sequels after the second or third books. But then in the fourth book (which Baum clearly stated in his introduction he was agitated to be writing due to overly demanding readers) Oscar Diggs returned to Oz partly via the intervention of an earthquake. Then Ozma was more than happy to have him stay in Oz and shortly afterward become a real genuine wizard and her trusted right-hand man at any time. Additionally, because Oscar became a real wizard he decided it was acceptable to allow the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman to keep up with their delusions he personally bestowed of believing they have the utmost superior heart and brain all because he gave them when they would not be satisfied with the truth in the logical explanations he gave to them, just to buy their silence of his revelation. Thus the Scarecrow was as adamant as ever in not wanting anyone but him to bear the title of the wisest personage in all of Oz, and likewise with the Tin Woodman not wanting anyone but himself to be known as having the kindest heart in all of Oz for the same reason. Ozma lets them get away with it equally as much as the Wizard will as he happily becomes her right hand man and wizard in the exact way of which had previously been mere pretense much to the delight of everyone in Oz who never even really doubted him to begin with... While Mr. Wogglebug just literally faded away into the background... no longer looked on with any respect or admiration... no longer important or even feeling needed anymore. In essence Baum (and in a sense Ozma) broke every promise there was ever made to the Wogglebug. Especially considering at the end of Baum's series what was promised for him at the end of his beginning just wasn't on the page but was way, way less. After the description of his college of athletics that advocates learning in the form of swallowing pills (already you see this is NOT the same Wogglebug from the inception) comes this description of his character: "In spite of this Professor Wogglebug was not a favorite outside his college, for he was very conceited and he admired himself so much and displayed his cleverness and learning so constantly that no one cared to associate with. Ozma considered him of value in her counsel nonetheless." I really believe the Wogglebug must have took the hard blow of all of the promises made to him being broken in the way at least a lot of actual people would, especially if they fully felt they had nowhere else to go and no one to really turn to. He concealed himself inside his college that was actually built by those around him for the specific purpose of keeping him a prisoner both inside himself and by the shackling of the important people of Oz around him. These individuals who were as hard, cold, and stiffly important as golden idols on high pedestals with their names engraved upfront. All the more so because of the very land they governed that was the largest prison of all for him, due to it not having the ever flowing life cycle, natural growing and changing process, and consequently not the great need for ever learning and improving to a higher consciousness for the sake of the well-being of the children now and to come and for a brighter future to leave as a gift to them that our world has always had. Oz by definition hasn't got these things to it, and so it's no wonder why the Wogglebug would feel so lonely and misfit and isolated that he would gladly imprison himself inside a college and constantly work at inventing pills of artificial learning or artificial food. Because he chose to believe the hurtful lies of those telling him he was good for nothing but pills since his only significant action on his first adventure was to swallow a wishing a pill, as well as that the only things looked on approvingly in Oz were magical / artificial things in the form of quick fixes that were totally unrealistic from the start. It's no wonder that this is so when these all-important golden idols of the Oz fandom are the figures of a strawman with artificial brains he insists are the greatest of all others, right beside a close companion made of metal who holds up a sharp ax to terrify and enslave all those who dare to speak against either he or his artificial heart he insists is the best above all others and forbids questioning of. Next to them is a man proclaimed a wizard who was responsible for bestowing these superior attributes to the other two idols and because he did and still came to fill a position as an actual wizard has thus become a scapegoat for them and for himself also. Right beside him is a young girl dressed like a princess, and she will never experience growth to puberty, maturity to womanhood, marriage or motherhood, old age or death, all because she decided to abandon the world she was born to for the most pathetic reasons so as to live forever and just as she is in the very land of these idols so she could be placed on a pedestal of her own. Beside her is a slightly older girl who is dressed more regally and wears poppies in her long curls at the sides of her crown, she holds a scepter with the Oz emblem as she stands dutifully at the forefront of the other four and just lets all these things be and just not caring to even think for one second that maybe all this is wrong and she is as guilty as the others are of committing crimes against the reality of how things should really be. Thus, the Wogglebug suffers as he just simply exists (without living) in Oz as Professor Wogglebug inside a college-styled working prison and cannot even have the view that as such he is suffocating to death in losing the essence of who he really is and was always meant to be. In conclusion, he needs to be away from this fandom altogether and be where he was always meant to be. And I am the one destined to love him enough to want to give him a fandom created specifically for him, and a much better life than the one he had before.

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