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The Wogglebug and the Wizard Theory

I've come up with a plausible theory about the Wogglebug's lousy deal in Oz being because of the Wizard's returning. Based on both the original Oz series and also just as many different fantasy-related books that came after them. Starting with the most obvious. Baum hadn't expected to make any sequels originally. Than once he did he ignored his earlier ideas. Such as his original plan to have Mr. Wogglebug become a beloved hero for all who would become what was once mere pretense. And be Ozma's trusted adviser and confidante at all times. He neglected this concept all because the Wizard came back to Oz and took up this whole position instead of the Wogglebug, who then just faded away into the background no longer respected, or important, or needed. In the book and movie of The Neverending Story when Atreyu looks into the magic mirror to see the image of his true see reflected in it he sees Bastian as he is reading the book of "The Neverending Story" in his own world from the other side of Fantasia. This was because Atreyu was a reflection of Bastian's better qualities in a fantasy vision of such. This is quite proper as the world of Fantasia is of fantasy and adventure with Atreyu as a hero driving the story Bastian is reading. And Bastian is a big fan of fantasy and adventure stories which is all the point of why the story was meant to get in touch with him for the best. For a long time I pondered what Mr. Wogglebug in his true and lovable self would see in this very same magic mirror. I knew the Frogman would see the lovable Mr. Wogglebug, and I knew the loathsome alter-ego Professor Wogglebug would see the lovable Mr. Wogglebug. For years it was hard to connect just what Mr. Wogglebug would see. Now I finally have it all figured out after just thinking about many things and connecting them. I know exactly what he would see for his true self's reflection. He wouldn't see a small version of him, or a stupid-looking version, or an old and ugly version. No matter how much Oz fans would love this. But what he would see would be a human version that would look much like a younger looking Oscar Diggs, the Wizard of Oz himself. The Wizard and the Wogglebug were the two characters that were created in the closest of Baum's own likeness. The Wizard was meant to represent the lesser version and the Wogglebug was meant to represent the better version, while being a more whimsical vision for a native fantasy land. Which was precisely the point. Baum had originally created the Wogglebug to be a better version of the Wizard of Oz. It's true especially as the Wizard was originally not going to come back to Oz ever again. This was stated specifically after he left Oz in the first book. It was stated at the end of the second book that Ozma was going to become known as a much better ruler than the Wizard ever had been, and she would do all of the things he always said he could but never made good on. And the Wogglebug was going to become her right-hand man and trusted adviser and best friend who would prove to be quite helpful to her whenever her duties grew perplexing. A better version of the Wizard in a fantasy vision. I also recall in "The Visitors From Oz" short stories that were written just after the second Oz book, in addition to the Wogglebug being described as being generous, having a tender heart, and being very wise and quick to discover things, there was also this statement: "It has been said, with considerable lack of kindness, that the Wogglebug's excellent education is of little account because it is applied to a wogglebug intellect. But the wonderful insect is constantly proving the falsity of this scandal by doing and saying brilliant things people of regulation brains would be very proud of." This is all there in Baum's own words within the story, "How the Wogglebug Proved his Knowledge of Chemistry." I figure the Wogglebug was originally going to become respected for who he was by earning it in the way Hermoine Granger did in the Harry Potter series, "For the cool use of intellect while others were at peril." And also become to Ozma the sort of trusted assistant, adviser and confidante that the individual advisers of the four Jewel Princesses were to these young princess in the Jewel Kingdom series. But then the Wizard came back when he was not supposed to at first. And Baum stated in his introduction of the fourth book he was only bringing the wizard back in because his readers were wanting this. He also stated at the start he was agitated to be writing another Oz book only just because of overwhelming demands from readers. He just decided to not carry out his promises to the Wogglebug and let the wizard who was the lesser version of himself take his palace just like that. I've also figured out exactly where the Wizard went wrong in Oz even if he was not guilty of doing harm to the royal family of Oz and tricked by Mombi when he gave baby Ozma to her. He had practiced magic illeagally in a magic land on creatures that were not meant to be alive but were by magical means, and he was not even a true wizard then. It's like the statement from The Indian in the Cupboard "You should not do magic you do not understand." and I've seen the truth of this in other places like The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The Wizard practiced magic he didn't understand or know would have affect when he gave an artificial brain and heart. So the wizard ended up injecting into the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman a little bit of his own dark demon even if this wasn't by intention (because of lack of education in how magic actually worked in magic lands) and especially as he told them to believe they were each the absolute best of brains and heart in all of Oz and he made the Scarecrow the new King of Oz and told everyone, "Obey him as you would me" and the Tin Woodman decided he would rather be the Emperor of the Winkies and forget about Nimee Amee. So this would make sense for why these two would turn dark and mean to the Wogglebug who was obviously better in brains and heart than they were and was also representitive of the nicer demon of the wizard of Oz. The Wogglebug was rather like a fantasy demon like there were in The Golden Compass book and film. And he was meant to be a good demon and not a bad one. Which is also a reason why I decided the word "woggle" means wisdom and love in a collective sense and implies it goes one way or the other depending on which of these is emphasized or neglected the most. After all why else would he be called a wogglebug instead of humbug? As well as why when the Wizard met with him they obviously didn't like each other and the Wogglebug was clearly upset to see him before he just turned his back on everyone and they all "forgot about him" as Baum stated in the fourth book. Because the Wogglebug, the nice demon of Baum and Oz had been essentially circumsized from them both. It may too late for the Wogglebug to become a hero for the Oz series. But it is not too late for him to become a hero of a fandom tailored for him by me, one who loves him enough to have his new home, friends, and adventures and life tailored respectfully for him. I've also figured out why the Wizard after becoming a real wizard iz Oz started practicing the sort of magic he did on the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman with other creatures like the Sawhorse and Glass Cat and just let the other two guys believe he always had been a real wizard who gave them just what they wanted. It was like how when Bastian started making wishes in Fantasia he lost memories of his won world and began losing himself by going the way of wishes. This did more harm than good as Bastian later reflected, "All I did was harm to myself and Fantasia" This explains also why the Land of Oz became so less intelligent of a series just after the wizard returned and especially after Dorothy moved to Oz to stay and other children followed. And the Wizard became an immortal there also. So he was devolving from a good man but bad wizard to a good wizard but bad man and wasn't aware especially as it was slow process and Oz is meant to be a paradise.

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