What the Wogglebug was and is and wants to become.

The graphic above represents all this fandom and franchise stands for. The pictures represent the past, present, and the future for the Wogglebug I envision. The ones at the top are of his tragic past in Oz over the course of a hundred years. The three pictures beneath the above ones represent what he is becoming in this day and age thanks to me, those I work with, and our fans and supporters.

The left top picture is the color plate drawn by John R. Neil of the chapter that Mr. Wogglebug was first introduced in during The Marvelous Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum in 1904. During this year he endured some degree of respectable fame and admiration as a wonderful character of pop culture. This image depicts who he always was and was always meant to be seen as, and how I believe he can be once again if enough love and dedication is put into it. The top right picture is of the cover image of The Royal Book of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson in 1921 when she took up the series after Baum's death in 1919. The cover is based off of John R. Neil's interior art of it, for its Del Rey publication. Thompson portrayed the Wogglebug in one of his earliest worst renditions. Which also made no sense for his character, for him to be intent doing a Royal Book on the ancestors people in Oz came from instead of what their accomplishments were when he himself is the ultimate self-made man. Basically, this image depicts how a lot of the people of Oz falsely viewed him from their narrow-minded prejudice and intolerance, which was the main cause in why outside readers came to see him this way also and thus why he underwent a drastic transformation he was never meant to. Hence was why Neil's design of the Wogglebug changed over the course of his 40 years as an illustrator of Oz books along with the Wogglebug's devolving. The middle top picture is the end page of The Runaway of Oz, which was written by John R. Neil, but due to his untimely death it was not published until 50 years later and illustrated by Eric Shanower, when Books of Wonder were reissuing the Oz books and bringing out new ones also. This book featured the Professor Wogglebug having an air castle he dreamed up for a vacation away from his college, which ended up being snatched away and lost to him, much to his infuriation. Of course, nobody in Oz cared a wit about how he felt about this when they were more concerned about everything else, just like all of the Oz fans who read about it. This image accurately depicts how the fans of the Oz series of today typically perceive the Wogglebug. Because since they just like the other Oz characters so much they will do nothing but have the exact same narrow-mindedness, prejudice, and intolerance when it comes to viewing the Wogglebug and those who object to it, which I do. At the bottom the left is one of Richard Walsh's first drawings of the Wogglebug for my picture books starring him. The image reflects what he really is like as much as it reflects how I see him. He has a look of genuine charm and cuddliness along with dignity that keeps it from being overly so, just as the former keeps his dignity from being overly so. As his voice actor, Richard Poshard said, "it looks like how my voice of him sounds." Which is true, though the voice he gives him is such a perfect match that it goes well with a lot of variations on his image. The one in the middle is of Mr. Wogglebug embracing Terry Hayman as she steps through the magic portal into Oz in one of the picture books. Of course, in the movies and short films, Terry Hayman is known as Sylvie Harnois. Either way, the picture excellently illustrates how WogglebugLove Productions is growing with books and DVDs with the Wogglebug as the central character of them all, and smiling with open arms and eager to be embraced by children and adults alike if only they could be just as open-eyed and open-hearted to him as I am. The one at the right end is a special graphic I like to use as a symbol for all I do with WogglebugLove Productions. The image of a real rainbow against a gray clouded sky with a blue heart shape in the middle with his image as he appears as in my 3D animation movies. He is in truth a very colorful sort of character. There are many variations of colors in the layers, or dimensions, of his personality and of course in the center those colors blend together in a white light of all that makes him lovable.

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