Following the Heart, Holding the Head up High, and Moving Forward.

I am now 31 years of age. I've come such a long way. Both in my natural growth in my intelligence and ways perceiving things, and also in learning and refining my own personal art in movie-making and my personal talent for screenwriting and prose writing. All of these are essential to my overall ability to be a success in achieving all that I wish to achieve. I suffered a few setbacks during the past decade in moving on from breakdowns and disappointments. I am sure a great many people can identify well with such. Yet I am still here alive and well, and really kicking away at my life cycle better than ever before! After all, I completed my third and final draft of my first screenplay this month. It is now 107 pages and I feel genuinely proud of it now in a sense I had not quite felt from the previous two drafts before it. I've published my first novel featuring the Wogglebug under my own publishing name of WogglebugLove Productions. Found two artists to illustrate novels and picture books. Even found the genuinely official voice for the Wogglebug! All this breaks new ground for me, and for the future of my life and career, and then bigger things much later on. Who knows what they could be leading to? Though I still retain a few minor scars from my past ordeals, I am sure I have every ability needed in me to move forward from or with them, holding my head high while smiling and following my heart. This is a philosophy many may be familiar with, and I must admit it has to be one the Wogglebug himself easily should be only but delighted to take on for his own personal life's philosophy. After all, while the musical "The Wogglebug" of 1904 had been a failure and Baum allowed himself to foolishly lose sight of what his true vision of the Wogglebug was shortly afterward in result, the Wogglebug will always still be the lovable and genuinely wise character he was created to be. And, of course Fred Mace who had played the Wogglebug in the stage musical went on some time later to have a successful career as an actor in Mack Sennet's silent movie comedies. At least Mace was not willing to just give up on his career after one flop.

I can also draw inspiration to believe there is wisdom and truth in the philosophy of moving forward, following the heart, and keeping an optimistic outlook from many famously successful people who walked before me. Among them are my role models in movie making. First and foremost is Charlie Chaplin who I just so happen to share the day of birth on April 16th, which I found out after he became an idol for me. Chaplin lived a childhood of poverty and misery before he was discovered as a young adult for his comedic talents by Mack Sennett and came to America where he started on his long-running and ultra-successful career as his own director, actor, writer, producer, editor, and music writer for his movies. While Chaplin had a career of virtually nothing but success for almost fifty years, he also suffered from a lot inner turmoil off the big screen in real life. Namely, he always had trouble in his love life in finding the right woman for him to stay married to. It had to do with his first love rejecting him, and he may have been too eager to find the right counterpart even, but in the last thirty years of his long life, shortly before the final curtain on his career in moviemaking, he finally met the love of his life and thus he found happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of completion to his life and career for the better. He just kept on smiling while keeping himself working passionately as a great filmmaker and in the end it was all well worth it! Another of my role models of entertainment who is a true inspiration to many is Walt Disney. He started out very simple (as most of the great groundbreakers do typically) as an animator in the 1920s which was when and how Mickey Mouse was created. The success of Mickey Mouse helped enable Disney to start his own animation studios and later become the first to have all of his cartoon and movies in technicolor, and then make the very first full-length animated feature film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1937. Walt's own philosophy was to both keep our inner child alive and well no matter how we age, and also to always, always keep on moving forward to a future we dream of having for ourselves as well as for all the rest of the world. Which is why the Disney empire of today has broken even more new ground with adapting to 3D animation and new ways of entertaining children in both old-fashioned ways and more educational ways alike. Which lets me know there is still hope for Disney even after how it had gotten to be in the past decade.

An all the more inspiring bit of trivia about Walt Disney is how before he was a cartoon maker he'd been fired from a job at a newspaper because his employers said he "lacked imagination" and had "no original ideas." Which today seems so astounding to know considering all Disney had accomplished with his imagination and original ideas that set a foundation that lives on long after his life is done. Of course, working with a newspaper publisher couldn't possibly be the best place to have imagination and original ideas with such (unless we're dealing with the "funnies" page!) so Walt Disney just needed to follow his heart and seek out for himself the best way he could prove he had just such things and he did. Just as Albert Einstein said how anyone can be a genius "but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its life believing it is stupid." Einstein had also been met with much ridicule and criticism in his younger years. His own grade school teachers thought he would not be able to become a successful person due to him being so different from his fellow students in their eyes. It was Einstein's own natural growth and natural progression in his genuine wisdom and intelligence that ensured his success. Similar to how Michael Jordan's own natural growth and progress enabled him to be successful as an NBA basketball superstar. Though sometimes you just need to build up from the bottom you've fallen onto to rise up again and get to a higher level than before. This was certainly what Steve Jobs did when he was around my age, as well as Oprah Winfrey who was told she wasn't fit for television but she was really just meant for much bigger and better areas than as a lowly news anchor. Even the world-record holder of being the most famous band of all time, "the Beatles" had faced rejection at least once. When Decca Records told them they did not like their sound and even said they felt these guys could have no future in show business! Shocking, isn't it? In light of the inspiration I draw from these famous folks, I feel in my heart I can become a success in my career as writer, screenwriter, movie maker, and above all as the founder and leader of WogglebugLove Productions. As I have after all, already gotten started on all of these things. From here on I can only improve just as 3D animation from Reallusion only has ever improved from its point of creation. This is indeed what I am destined to do!

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