The REAL Villains of Oz

One of the main reasons why I refuse to ever be a friend to the Oz fandom is the fact there is a community attached to it based around the books and it more than anything else a cult pretending the land of Oz is for real so much to the point they delude themselves gladly into thinking it is a real place and they are belongers to it and certified Royal Historians. Now does this not define religious delusion all at once? The Oz cult's religion involves among other things worship of the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman like golden idols. Because no matter what sort of bad things they do or say, Oz fans insist on praising everything about them to the skies. When the Wogglebug first came in during The Marvelous Land of Oz he did not know why the others he met were on their way to The Emerald City in the first place (he didn't ask and they didn't tell either way) and to my mind he didn't even know the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman were actually kings). The reason no one told him why they were on their way to the Emerald City was because the Tin Woodman (as he said in a previous chapter) expected to just defeat General Jinjur and her Army of Revolt single handedly, so to speak. This of course, turned out to prove to be a total failure instead. Then when they were prisoners of Jinjur's after she threatened to destroy all of them, the Wogglebug was a more innocent victim in this mess than all the rest of them were! And he must have felt so screwed, taken advantage of, misled by people he thought he could trust, and played the fool which had to be the worst kind of feeling for an intellectual like himself. And the others cared nothing about these things obviously the whole time, they didn't care anything about how he felt. So when the Wogglebug let out another of his play-on-words jokes during the first ride in the Gump it was his way of letting them know what he thought of how he felt about all of this they were putting him through without warning. And he tried to explain to them he wanted them to treat him with the respect due to a person who is respectfully intellectual and educated like he is. But they still insisted on responding with prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry that he never showed any of them. Then when the Wogglebug did another of these kinds of jokes at the Scarecrow's expense in the Gump ride after they left Glinda's palace with her army guiding on foot, this was his way of telling them what he thought of the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman humiliating him in front of Glinda, especially as the information Glinda had lately revealed to them was giving him a clue that he was right and they were wrong all along and was kind of letting the Scarecrow have it from him. Because by now he must have felt so uncomfortable around them all and regretting he joined them. Except they were in the midst of the climax of their journey and so this was not exactly the moment he could decide to abandon them altogether. The Scarecrow can't be a friend of the Wogglebug's because he talks back to him and tries to verbally push him down with no regard to how he makes him feel. His thinking its the Wogglebug doing that instead is a severe delusion that people who love the Scarecrow have. Because they are Oz fans and worship the Scarecrow like a golden idol, and all the more so because he both isn't real and isn't meant to be alive at all! The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman understand the Wogglebug is meant to be living more than they are and thus is more capable and more meant to have a real brain and heart instead of either of them. Being too arrogant and self-righteous about their delusions they have the best in all the world because the Wizard gave them to them, especially because they know the Wogglebug is better than both of them put together they did exactly what the height of heartless stupidity is and they treated him in ways that in this day and age must be defined as bullying. In my novels I am conveying these things in the prequel, and in my trilogy I keep the Wogglebug the same character he was in his inception because that is the only way he could become friends with the Frogman and likewise with Terry. With this set-up I convey these things I feel are the truth because they make sense: Because the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman were not creatures meant to ever be alive and so when the Wizard put the artificial heart and brains into their bodies while declaring them the best ever of each of these because they were bestowed onto them by him and they also each became a ruler with the Scarecrow ruling the Emerald City and the Tin Woodman ruling the Winkie country, they both became possessed by an absolute power of believing themselves to be far greater and more powerful than they were and deserved to think of themselves as. So the Scarecrow saw the Wogglebug as one who was better and smarter than him and just thought he had the right to try to take power of the Wogglebug's existence in the disguise that he was a friend of his when he was not, and the Tin Woodman being the Scarecrow's best man went right along gladly in trying to dupe the Wogglebug into thinking he was a problem as he was thinking "No one makes a fool of the Scarecrow, except the Scarecrow." While the Scarecrow stands by and thinks "Nick Chopper is my best mate as no opposer to my throne, or my superior brains for that matter, stands a chance against his kind heart or his sharp axe alive!" I postulate how Oz (according to the original book series) is a nightmarish distopia vaguely disguised as a happy magic land, because it condemns everything that makes the Wogglebug the kind of hero he is. My aim is to convey in my novels this truth: The Wogglebug is fantasy reflection of the Wizard (Oscar Diggs) and he represents all of his better qualities in the same sense as the Wizard and Wogglebug are reflections of Baum and the Wizard is the lesser reflection and the Wogglebug is the better one. Because along with this obvious truth, the Wizard was never originally meant to return to Oz at all. At least not before the fourth book was conceived of just as there were not meant to be anymore sequels after the second or third books. Just as Baum clearly stated in his introduction of the fourth book he was agitated to be writing it due to the overwhelming demands of his readers, and it was them who requested the Wizard return to Oz. But then when the Wizard returned to Oz he took up the very sort of position that was meant to go to the Wogglebug. He became Ozma's right-hand man by becoming a real genuine Wizard. So then the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman were as adamant as ever in insisting they had the best brains and heart in Oz because of the Wizard and the Wizard saw fit to let them get away with it because he had become what used to be mere pretense. Then the Wogglebug just faded away into the background, no longer important and no longer needed. Oz became a place where magic, quick-fixes, and artificial remedies were preferred instead of intelligence, education, and truth-seeking which were the things the Wogglebug represented and how he could have helped Oz if he kept the position he was meant to have. I postulate that since the Wizard returned to Oz and stopped aging and became a real wizard he also began devolving slowly from a good man but bad wizard to a good wizard but bad man. As well as since Dorothy moved to Oz permanently and stopped growing she became like a living a china doll with not much a real human girl left to her because she had become a princess of Oz who would never age or change ever again. So the Wizard and Dorothy forgot all they ever learned in their own world and changed for the worse the longer they stayed in Oz. As Oz is a place where no one ever ages or dies in any natural way and so there is no need for what makes the Wogglebug his greatest, and is thus a nightmare of a distopia for human beings of our world as much as it is for wise and intellectual beings like him and the Frogman.

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