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The Wogglebug's Hidden Truth Behind the History of Oz

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The Wogglebug's Hidden Truth Behind the History of Oz. This is exactly the very first book I should have put out from the beginning, and I would have if only a lot of circumstances would have been different. Which I will detail in a later post. As the subtitle of the new book states, it tells the full story of how the Wogglebug had tragically transformed and was then restored to his true self after a century by Terry Hayman. She comes to Oz as a young adult and remembers him the way he was in her dreams during her childhood. These visual memories of hers are among the key elements in how she cures him of a curse he was inflicted with that caused him to devolve into his disgraceful alter-ego. This alter-ego of his was a reflection of what the Oz characters had thought him to be, but that he really never was to begin with. This is why in the first five chapters I reveal the tragedy of his early life in Oz through unveiling the secret events that occurred before, in-between, and after the events that were actually recorded in the first four Oz "history" volumes he appears in. I wrote all these previously unheard of events based on the truth about the Wogglebug's transformation as I understand it to the very best of my ability. It is my sincere hope a lot of readers will be able to comprehend the events I wrote as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of what took place "behind the scenes" of the Wogglebug's early life in Oz. Which is why I described how a time lapse of about two years took place between the events of The Marvelous Land of Oz and those in The Road to Oz, because of the indication by the dates given about Jack Pumpkinhead's three past pumpkins in the latter book, and I also go with the speculative theory of the earthquake that transported Dorothy and her cousin to the underground worlds before they went to Oz in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz had been the major earthquake historically reported to have rocked San Francisco in 1906. I do my best to convey these messages in the course of this novel and others to come. The Wogglebug was always the kind and lovable humanlike insect I see him as from the beginning. Only he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and especially also involved with the wrong sort of people then. And in spite of his seeming unimportance in the Oz series he's still always had the best of potential to be a true hero. One who can be an adventurer, help right wrongs of injustice and rescue victims, and help young people to feel good about themselves as they grow and make them feel their best at their best moments. The Wogglebug tried to achieve becoming all these things, but others got in his way and prevented him from getting anywhere near his desired level. They imposed their own unflattering views of him upon him so much he became cursed with devolving into the very image of him they thought him to be but never was to begin with. It was only through the visual insight of an outsider that the truth behind his tragedy could be revealed and then remedied through a hundred years of love neglected from his heart for a century so that from then he would be only his complete true self at only all the best he could be as such. This new novel serves as a "prequel" of sorts to my previous book and the two sequels to it. It sets up how Terry had cured the Wogglebug of his curse in the first timeline so that a new timeline came in place for the them to cure the Frogman of his. These things are made possible by the intervention of the Troll Wizards of Genoma. Also set up in this new book are the reasons why I invented a friendship between those two characters in my trilogy of "Mr. Wogglebug, the Frogman, and Terry" and why no one else but just me could ever have done so. I also hint at my intentions for retribution I will carry out in the next book on my old enemy who tried to steal such intellectual property from me for evil purposes of hers. As well as the set up for why it was only in the second Oz timeline and not on the first one that the Wogglebug and company had visited America in 1904-05, in addition to why in the final book of my trilogy the Wogglebug decides to take up the Troll Wizards offer to have his history in Oz erased altogether so he can be born again in Genoma with the same origin he had in Oz. From there on he begins his new series of adventures there in my movies and their novelizations.

Now, without really giving anything away, the way in which the Wogglebug is magically transformed from the loathsome Professor Wogglebug and back into the lovable Mr. Wogglebug by the purity and strength of Terry Hayman's love, the scene is meant to be plainly and simply an exhibition of love and magic combined in three ways. Which have been done before in movies and TV and cartoons of fantasy and magic in ways audiences adored. For instance, one of the ways in which the Wogglebug metamorphs from coldhearted to warmhearted when he feels Terry's arms around him is rather akin to how in the original Snow Queen fairy tale Kai was unfrozen and the evil icy Queen's spell on his dispelled when Gerta embraced him tearfully and thus caused his heart to melt and his eyes to tear also.

And another very relatable occurrence of how love has magic to it to conquer all is in the final scene of the Hallmark television mini-series Merlin in which the elderly magician after telling his full story to some town children, and after being reunited with two old friends he thought he would never see again, he receives from them information on where to find his long lost love, Nimoy. He finds her and although he had previously thought he had used up all his magic he found he had one last left in him. Which was his and Nimoy's love for one another caused for all of their years of age to turn backward and keep them both in the prime of their lives. And my love for the Wogglebug is what helps keep me young at heart and believing in magic, just as the Wogglebug needs love like good air to breathe.

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