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IClone 7 promises for a new year cycle

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I've been working in IClone 7 for a while and I've so far edited the facial expressions of the characters, and replaced Sylvie's avatar to one that looks so much more realistic than the previous one, and have Wogglebug's old "tummy glitch" fully repaired by his vendor. And here is a clip of Mr. Wogglebug meeting with Sylvie by coming out of a book. I also like the new way of adjusting the lighting in IClone 7.

With the new IClone 7 plug-in addition of the Cure Editor now released I've installed the trial version of it for 15 days and I intend to later purchase the full version after I've spent the next two weeks becoming accustomed to the new feature to make professional animations in IClone 7.

I will more than likely still need a new computer to have the addition of "Global Illumination" in IClone 7 also, which is meant to make the videos look realistic more than ever. But I plan to update the animation bit by bit until then. And I will release new versions of updated videos as I go along one at a time with better facial expressions and body language in the characters, as well as a new avatar for Sylvie that looks so much more realistic. And Woggie's old "tummy glitch" fully repaired, and better lighting and animations with the curve editor plugin.


Stay tuned for more updates and videos to come into the new year. I've also been taking an online course for "Creating Your Own Production Company" before the end of this year. And it's been going really well. And the teachers agree that having a web series to go with my franchise will be excellent for it also. Which is what I plan to do with IClone 7.

While when I begin my own production company I may need to work with hired screenwriters for my bigger movies. But with my web series I will be writing the episodes (even if the voice of the Wogglebug may not be Richard Poshard anymore but as close as possible) for it. And having been watching a lot of Youtube videos lately and kept a mental checklist of what made me keep searching for more of the same kind or more from the same channel at least, I have a great feel for what makes an excellent kind of web series with multiple views and many subscribers and why.

So I have an episode list of half hour long webisodes scheduled for the next year to write in addition to writing the second movie and filming it and refilming the first movie. I hope to build as large an audience as possible for it. And it should build a big audience also because it will be loaded with "humor, heart, and fun" to go with my much better looking animation of IClone 7. The episodes like the movies will include lots of magic and morals and a touch of mystery to them, and will also be about Mr. Wogglebug and Sylvie Harnois having adventures together, or solving a mystery, or just finding out things and resolving a problem or two in each others lives. Just like the perfect duo of a modern-day little girl and her best friend who her foster parents may assume is imaginary but of course isn't really and is just beyond our own dimension and Sylvie finds the portals into his own whenever she is needed there or the time is right to be there.

The episodes will involve them meeting famous figures such as Father Time, the Easter Bunny, Mother Nature, Uncle Sam, and Halloween Witches and Wizards, and Santa Claus. And learning many things including the meanings behind the holidays, and what is so special about the famous figures they meet with, as well as life lessons such as why it is important to not overthink how to get things done instead of just getting them done, and how instead of worrying about the future we can look forward to it, and how important it is to believe in yourself and in your own abilities so that you can really do your own magic, as Mr. Wogglebug will say to Sylvie in one particular episode. These are all morals I can benefit from, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. And of course throughout the series Mr. Wogglebug and Sylvie demonstrate the true meaning of friendship and kindness to one another and to those around them and basically just charm the audience away with their charisma in this way.

So all can look forward to seeing more to come in months ahead. And also to seeing the IClone 7 updated version with the improvements I mentioned of above of the short film of "The Wogglebug's Fun with Seasons and Holidays" which is in its way a pilot episode to the web series of "The Adventures of Sylvie and the Wogglebug." And you can be sure there will be episodes besides Seasons and Holidays themed and ones that include the characters from the movies of The Enchanted Forest, and the Wisdom Keys, and The Magic Wish movies, which will all hopefully be released next year to Amazon.

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