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The World Needs Wogglebug

Many years ago I went through a period in my life when I was miserable and depressed and even mentally ill because of something that had happened to me which was so wrong and could have been avoided. It was during this period that I felt I wanted to not pursue my dreams of making Mr. Wogglebug famous and make them come true. I told myself that this world was just too much of a bad place with too many bad people to deserve such a lovable character as him with the wonderful movies containing heartfelt themes he starred in.

But as time went on I came to realize that the fact that this world is not always a good place to live in is just all the more reason as to why I and so many other people should try to make it better. Or at least cheer people up whether through creations of art or other ways. Movies are a good example of using art to do this with as I learned from Charlie Chaplin who is one of my role models.

I truly believe that the Wogglebug's movie series can in this day and age be the start of a whole new generation of happy children that will only lead to more. The movies have themes about being optimistic and learning from mistakes and how to always do your best. Mr. Wogglebug both demonstrates these values and teaches them to others on his hero's journey, especially Sylvie who grows up at the end of the series and fulfills her dreams she only realized she had at the start of her adventures with Mr. Wogglebug.

These days I receive compliments through emails and other ways from happy people who have watched my Wogglebug movies and often with children and they have the reactions I had always hoped for. These include this one I received from an email by a devoted father.

I purchased the Wogglebug DVD for my boy Daryl. He really loves animated movies so when I saw an advertisement for a children's movie that I had not heard of I decided to get it for him. He really enjoyed the movie. He invited his friend Cody over and they both watched the Wogglebug together. I even got them some Trolli gummies to make it more like a theatrical experience. They both seemed to enjoy the story and the characters in the movie. They especially liked Wogglebug and thought he was a lot of fun. Thank you for making some nice wholesome content for children.

I have even received a comment from one person who claimed that watching the “Sylvie and the Wogglebug” movie helped him to get through his stage 4 cancer. I have waited half my life for these dreams of mine to come true and now they finally are.

The first two movies in the Wogglebug series, “Sylvie and the Wogglebug” and its prequel “The Incredible Tale of Mr. Wogglebug” are selling like hotcakes. And there will be many sequels to come also. I love to get new orders in and to fulfill them as often as possible.

So please take a look at them in the DVD shop.

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