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At last the long concealed secrets behind the Wogglebug's tragic life in Oz are revealed. The unknown moments in-between the recorded events in the first four Oz history books he appears in are unveiled, and how he underwent a terrible transformation and why. Then remained in the state of his disgraceful alter-ego for over a century.A little girl named Terry has visionary dreams of him as his true self without knowing about the Oz books beforehand. When she comes of age as a young woman she finds and unlocks a hidden portal to the Land of Oz to thus find out the even deeper secrets behind the Wogglebug she initially meets there, and thus obtain the ingredients of a cure to restore him to his true self. At the same time, a wizard who looks like a treasure troll doll has visited Oz in hopes of finding the source behind his homeland's dilemma of being overrun by bad magic for a century. What is this connection to the secrets behind the Wogglebug's past? Also where was the Wogglebug's old schoolteacher known as Professor Nowitall for all those years? These answers and more will be revealed in most startling ways.

The Wogglebug's Hidden Truth Behind the History of Oz

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