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"Do you like me?" asked Mr. Wogglebug.

The planchette moved to the word "Yes" and then to the word "No."

Mr. Wogglebug was very confused now and worried. How could the answer be both yes and no?"

"Your answer is 'yes' and 'no' at the same time?" he said. "But how can that be?"

The planchette moved across the board and spelled out the word "Conflicted."

"But why?" asked Mr. Wogglebug.

The planchette moved quickly along the board and spelled out the sentence, "I am your creator."

Mr. Wogglebug was aghast. "But Professor Knowitall is my creator!" he exclaimed with indignation.

This seemed somehow to provoke the spirit because the planchette began moving rapidly in twists and turns all about the Ouija Board. So much so that even the experienced witch seemed to be worried.

"I think we had better just say goodbye now," she said hastily.

And so with combined effort she and Mr. Wogglebug moved the planchette to the word "goodbye" and thus the spinning of the planchette stopped abruptly and it fell still.

Mr. Wogglebug sighed deeply with relief as he leaned back in the chair. "Who was that?" he asked the witch.

"It must have been someone you may have known in a previous life," she replied.

"Well, what should I do now?" he asked.

"If I were you," said the witch in a serious tone. "I'd decide I'd seen enough and would want to leave here."

"You may be right," he agreed. "But how shall I leave?"

"If you will hold very still I can cast transportation spell on you to take you somewhere you need to go," she offered. "Or you can always go downstairs and ask Dr. Stein."

Mr. Wogglebug pondered these choices.

Should he let her cast a spell.

Should he go ask Dr. Stein.

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