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After Mr. Wogglebug had climbed the long staircase he found at the top a closed door which he knocked on.

"Come in," called a voice from inside.

So Mr. Wogglebug opened the door and entered the room. Inside he found a middle-aged woman with dark hair and eyes and lips that matched her dress sitting at a table on which was placed a Ouija Board. She was holding the planchette between her fingers.

"Greetings, Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E.," she said while just barely looking up at him.

He was quite surprised. "How did you know my name?"

"I know a lot about you," she said, "I was just consulting with the spirits and they said you would be coming here. And also that you are on a quest to get a present for your little friend Sylvie."

"Yes, that is right," he said. "It seems my fame has proceeded me by them. Are you the witch who Count Karloff told me lives here?"

"I am. Please come and sit down," she said gesturing toward an empty chair across from her.

Mr. Wogglebug came and sat down in the chair. He gazed upon the Ouija Board laid out before him with its alphabetically arranged letters, and numbers, and the words "yes" and "no" at the sides and "goodbye" at the bottom.

She noticed how he was captivated by it and asked, "Would you like to contact any spirits?"

He hesitated. "Can you be sure that no evil or dark spirits will come through?" he asked.

"I assure you no dark spirits will come through for I am a professional," she said. "Just put your hand on mine."

Mr. Wogglebug did so and immediately began to feel a most peculiar sensation in his hand as if he were losing control over it somehow.

"Move with me," she said.

Together they moved the planchette around in the center of the Ouija Board for a few moments and then came to a stop towards the top of it.

Mr. Wogglebug hesitated once again. "Is there anyone here?" he asked in a slightly shaky voice.

Then somehow the planchette in their hands seemed to move on its own to the word "yes."

Mr. Wogglebug shuddered briefly. After a moment he asked, "What is your name?"

Then he stared at the planchette as it moved among the letters on the board and paused on the letters "L. F. B."

Mr. Wogglebug was intrigued by these initials. He wondered what he should as next.

Has he ever known this spirit?

What does this spirit want?

Does this spirit like him?

Wogglebug looks at Ouija board.
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