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Life can be as a Fairy-Tale part 1: How I Relate

I love fantasy of all realms and variations. I have all my life. I also have interests in sci-fi, though mainly when it is in the more mellow genres that is in close relation to fantasy. This passion I have for reading fantasy stories and watching movies (whether stand-alone or based on fantasy novels) has stayed with me into my adulthood. And this is a good thing I feel. Because it enables me to keep up my interest for feeling that the only real "magic" is within myself. And is of my own reality. This can be a beautiful feeling to experience for me and for a tremendous lot of other people. I'm certain of this. Further evidence of this is from when I did a few online "which sort of fantasy creature are you?" tests. The results of all of them varied because of the test types they were. But nonetheless the results were alike enough for me to have a very general sense of the sort of fantasy I enjoy because of how I relate with it. The results were more or less as follows: The phoenix, the griffin, the red dragon, and the fairy.

These three above were the most I have in common with according to most of the tests. Which are a gryphon, a red dragon, and a fairy sprite. Which all makes perfect sense to me! The first because I always knew I was a "Gryffindor" as I possess qualities typical of such. The next is the second most relatable to me as I do often feel "fire" inside me which burns sometimes whether or not it comes out as passion, or love, or anger. With the addition of feeling the need to "soar to the skies" as well. Which also is how I relate third most with the fairy. I love to have a delightful time enjoying myself and frequently like to make others happy also if I can. I want to spread my own wisdom and delights to the rest of the world where needed. Additionally, although I still feel "passion" and "self-confidence" inside of me always I nonetheless still feel more "alive" when I receive praise for my artwork and achievements. One particular "which fantasy creature" test I took came out with the result of me being also related to the elf (after one redo of a question broke the tie with the dragon). This makes sense also because of the description of the result. Elves come in many varieties, obviously. But they all typically possess the qualities of charm, fun, loyalty, and quirkiness in how they achieve a great thing or help another to do so. I value loyalty and spreading joy in many ways. I have intelligence, but I still value my ability to learn new things because that is typically the only for me to have success.

One test that had percentages of which fantasy creature I most resembled had an almost equal percentage in the dwarf and the centaur. The dwarf in that I am a hard worker (such as the dwarfs in the Snow White tale), and the centaur in that I am a visionary (such as the centaurs in the Harry Potter series). For the record, I also did a "which dark fantasy creature could you be?" test, and the result I got was a dark sorceress. This is what I could be as a dark creature or person. But I am not because of my ability to love the sorts of creatures listed above who are of the "side of the good." I just need to watch my "magic" and master my "power" as I weave it. Because I have in me the power to do either bad or good. It's strictly up to me in the end.

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